4 Real Estate Facebook Covers to Boost Your Image

One of the most recognizable features of a Facebook page is the cover photo. This communicates your real estate brand and helps you promote your services. However, using a poorly-designed Facebook cover can hurt your image and alienate your audience. 

Fortunately, you don’t need to hire a graphic designer to create real estate Facebook covers for your page. At Jigglar, we offer a wide selection of pre-built templates for social media. You can use them to promote open-house events, listings, and more. 

In this post, we’ll explain the importance of using effective real estate Facebook covers. Then, we’ll look at some examples to help you get started. Let’s dive right in!

Why You Need a Facebook Cover for Your Real Estate Page

Your Facebook cover isn’t just there to complete your company page. It’s an important visual asset that can be used to build your personal real estate brand on social media. 

There are many reasons to use an attractive cover for your Facebook page. For starters, it’s the first thing people see when they visit your page, so it can set your brand’s first impression among your audience. 

It also adds personality to your real estate page. For example, if you include your photo in the image, you can make your brand seem more approachable. 

Additionally, your cover photo can be used to highlight your real estate services. You could also add your contact details and office hours. This way, visitors can get all the key information without having to scroll through the page to find it.

4 Real Estate Facebook Covers to Boost Your Image

Now that you know the importance of adding a cover photo to your Facebook page, the next step is to create an image that best represents your brand. 

The good news is that you don’t have to create cover photos from scratch. At Jigglar, we provide a wide range of templates to choose from – you’ll just need to upload your photos and add your own details.

Let’s look at four types of real estate Facebook covers that you can use to boost your brand image.

1. Agent profiles

Using Facebook covers to introduce yourself can help you make a good first impression on potential clients. You’ll want to include a profile photo, contact details, and any other relevant information:

A real estate Facebook cover that contains an agent profile

This is an effective way to market yourself and let people know who you are and what services you offer. Plus, it serves as your digital business card

Our templates for Facebook covers include several options for agent profiles. These contain placeholders for profile photos, real estate logos, and personal details. Plus, you can also change the colors and fonts to align with your brand.

2. Seasonal advertising

It’s good to change your Facebook cover once in a while. This will help keep your page fresh.

For example, you can create seasonal ads to join the festive spirit. You could even use this as an opportunity to remind people that you’re still open during the holidays.

Additionally, you might want to get a little creative and use holiday motifs to promote your services:

A real estate Facebook cover with a seasonal ad

Alternatively, you might simply use them to wish people a wonderful holiday:

Facebook cover for Christmas

At Jigglar, you’ll find Facebook cover templates for different holidays, including Christmas, Easter, and Valentine’s Day.

3. Open house ads

You can also use your real estate Facebook covers to promote your open house events. This can help you get the word out and attract new leads:

A real estate Facebook cover with an open house ad.

You’ll want to make sure that the cover includes all the key details about the event, as well as high-quality photos of the property. You could even include a link to your website or event. This way, people can visit your page to find out more about the house.

4. New listings

Finally, you might also want to use Facebook covers to promote new listings. Those who are looking to buy a house can simply see what’s available on the market without having to scroll through your page:

New listings Facebook cover

You’ll want to include photos of the property, any important details about the place, and of course, your contact details. This can also be a good opportunity to highlight your high-value properties or any unusual homes. 

If you opt for this type of real estate Facebook cover, you’ll want to make sure that you update it regularly with new listings. If home seekers see a property they like only to learn that it’s been sold, they might feel a little disappointed and look elsewhere for their dream house.


Your Facebook cover is the first thing people see when they visit your page. Therefore, you’ll want to optimize it for conversions and replace it when necessary to keep your page fresh and relevant.

To recap, here are four things you can promote in your real estate Facebook cover:

  • Agent profiles
  • Seasonal ads
  • Open house events
  • New listings

If you want to create an impactful Facebook cover, Jigglar provides a large selection of professional templates to help you get started. Sign up for a free trial today! 

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