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"Jigglar is creating so much excitement in the office."
Graham Scanlon
Fruit Property Victoria
“Jigglar now plays a central role in all my marketing. The templates are awesome and we can edit, download and print them faster than ever before. Defenitly the future of real estate marketing and defenitely the most essential marketing tool in my business.”
Alan Preece
Ray White, New Zealand
“Jigglar is super easy to use and has ton of great stuff. Game changer, the uber of marketing design. Disruptor etc etc.”
Scott Caldow
LJ Hooker, Brisbane Queensland
“Jigglar makes posting on social media such a breeze. I use it for everything! I’ve made several post cards designs that we’ve mailed to clients, plus feature sheets, property information sheets, ads, the list goes on! We recently just added a marketing professional to the team and she has taken over social media. When I introduced her to Jigglar she fell in love with the program. She has all of our social media outlets posting daily now and says it’s so easy to figure out what to post thanks to Jigglar.”
Haille Monteiro
Caldwell Banker, Cambridge Ontario
“Jigglar is like having your own graphic designer on staff.”
Dan Smith
California, USA
“Jigglar offers more editing freedom and an easier way to edit individual page assets than Canva. It’s also focused strictly on real estate agents.”
Craig Rowe
Technology Review Writer,
“Hi Ray… Just wanted to let you know I’m smashing it with Jigglar. In my first year in real estate, I made more than $200,000 in gross commission purely from Jigglar templates. That’s 25 listings and 18 sales I wouldn’t have had without using Jigglar which helped me win the National Rookie of the Year award for my company. And just today I delivered 300 flyers, which got me 2 calls from sellers. In fact, I’m averaging at least 2 seller calls each week and many will convert to listings and sales. There’s no way I could have done that without Jigglar. Every agent should be using these ideas.”
Alex Garden
Ray White, Queensland Australia
“The agents I work with love Jigglar. It has just the right amount of complexity plus a wide range of dedicated and proven real estate marketing templates with the best user interface and experience I have seen on any platform.”
David Butler Founder & CEO
ResiAnalytics London UK
“Loving the ease with which these magic looking posts can be created.”
Sara Jayne Kingston
“I signed up to Jigglar a couple of months ago and got busy building my database and getting my offer out to sellers in my area. So far I have distributed about 1000 Jigglar flyers and received 5 calls from interested sellers. 4 of these sellers have listed with me and so far 2 have sold making me about $20,000 in gross commission. Before Jigglar I used to try this and try that and just HOPE something would work. The Jigglar interface is very easy to use and takes the guess work out of all my marketing.”
Mike Cranstoun
Ray White, New Zealand
"We’ve just upgraded our account and the template range is AWESOME! Jigglar is a brilliant marketing platform and has quickly become an essential tool in our business. There’s a bunch of stunning professional templates which we can quickly customize to our brand in a few minutes. Finally… professional marketing made easy!"
Tom and Layla Ward
Park City, Utah
“This is such a great marketing tool, I’ve won so much business from Jigglar.”
Bronya Broad
LJ Hooker, Timaru NZ
“As a brand new agent, Jigglar has been a big part of my early success. After customizing and distributing templates in the system, I have so far been invited to look at homes for 31 potential sellers. I have listed 2, sold 1 and I estimate there are 5 more that will come onto the market in the next few months. The concept is fantastic with so many amazing ways to promote my brand and the PERFECT marketing system for launching my career.”
Selina Hetherington
LJ Hooker, NZ
“Just wanted to say thanks for all the great templates that have been created. Don’t know how I managed without this program before.”
Jill Zimmer
Mandurah, WA

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