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Jigglar excels in many areas compared to other platforms but we believe our biggest advantage is helping Jigglar agents win more listings and make more sales because we provide a wide range of great ideas. We only offer dedicated real estate marketing templates that are proven to work because we test them first. Jigglar agents also tell us they love our user interface and enjoy the whole experience whether creating something new or customizing one of our dynamic templates.

Real estate is in our DNA. Half the Jigglar founders have more than 50 years of combined real estate experience so we know how our industry works. We also know the ‘hot buttons’ for buyers and sellers and the messages that are most likely to motivate them to take action by reaching out and connecting with a great real estate professional.

Good real estate marketing is about creating a brand and positioning an agent to be an authority in their area or the local ‘attraction’ agent. At Jigglar, we know that building quality relationships is central to the success of any agent. In other words, the more relationships, the more business an agent can expect. If you’re an agent you’ll know that you’re really only making money when you’re in front of a seller or buyer. Our job is to put you there more often.

You’re getting 30 days access to everything. That means every template, multi-page booklet, flyer, card, marketing tool and social media concept. You can also save your customized designs (we call them Jiggles) for a limited time as well because we want you to enjoy and benefit from the complete Jigglar experience. You’re welcome to jump in and create a free account, edit and customize any template, save it and download to publish on your Instagram or Facebook page, print it off in-house or send it to your printer (complete with industry standard bleeds and cut marks) to print in higher volumes.

After 30 days, you’re invited to upgrade your account which means you retain access to all templates and permanently keep your designs (Jiggles).

Jigglar is for any agent anywhere in any market at any stage of his or her career, looking to stand out from the crowd by boosting their brand with the very best real estate marketing ideas and concepts. The Jigglar platform offers agents the total freedom to customize proven ideas and ‘wow’ potential clients with state-of-the-art personal marketing and dynamic brand awareness.
That depends on the actions you take. Naturally, there are no guarantees but many Jigglar agents report results in the first week or two of joining. Our Getting Started video will show you the best templates to use so you hit the ground running and win extra deals in very little time.

Upgrading from a free account means your monthly investment is $39. Team deals offer lower monthly pricing. See this link for more info.

You bet! For example, a team of 20 brings the individual user cost down to less than $US15.
Where are you getting your leads now and do you want more? Are you paying for them or hoping the phone will ring with a brand new seller who needs your help? In real estate, we know the good agents like to control their own marketing. That’s why many of our templates and concepts are new to real estate and designed to help agents attract new business and nurture existing contacts. We want to help you dominate your market with minimum expense and maximum results. When you decide to get started is up to you, but if you’re serious about taking your career to the next level, why not jump in and grab a free account today and try it for yourself.
Yes! Most major real estate brands are set up inside Jigglar so you can customize your corporate colors and most details with one single click.

We’re four guys who wanted to offer agents a ton of marketing freedom, fresh ideas and inspiration.

Ray Wood is a fourth generation real estate agent, auctioneer, best selling author and podcaster. Ray’s marketing ideas have launched and advanced many real estate careers.

Josh Kohlbach is a young & energetic problem solver who has been in the IT industry for over a decade working with a mix of multi-national corporates and marketing firms. He self-funded and grew his own successful consulting and software development company based in Brisbane, Australia.

John Banitsiotis is a creative director, designer and illustrator. John currently runs a boutique design studio based in Noosa Australia, applying over 30 years of design industry experience in branding, print and web.

Aaron Shiner known as ‘The Sales Machine’ is a dynamic speaker and is considered one of the leading Real Estate Coaches in Australia and New Zealand! He has helped over 60,000 agents over the past two decades in the real estate industry.

Every new Jigglar account holder can enjoy all of Jigglar 100% free for 30 days. After that period, you have the choice of upgrading to keep the Pro features and access to hundreds of the premium templates.

No there are no contracts except for your month to month agreement (or annual if you pay in advance). You can quit anytime.
We’re very proud of our Jigglar Support Service with support centres based out of Sydney, Australia and Toronto, Canada. You can expect a prompt response to any support question or issue. We’re here to help and make you awesome!
No. Jigglar is a larger format and high-resolution marketing suite. The dimension of many templates makes it impossible to edit on a smaller screen.
Absolutely! In addition to securing a very attractive multi-user deal, (see here for pricing) a Jigglar team account opens up a whole range of exciting marketing options such as adding new agents to your team account as your team grows, switching into individual agents accounts to help them customize their designs or share fresh marketing ideas and campaigns and submitting designs and images to the team media library so all team members can access.

You sure can! A Jigglar Team account opens up a whole range of exciting capabilities such as adding new agents to your team account as your team grows, creating Team Templates, locking down elements in Team Templates, promoting certain Team Members to Team Managers, switching into Team Member’s accounts to use Jigglar as them and help them customize their designs and shared a Team Media library. See our pricing page for more information.

You can check out our knowledge base which is packed full of training videos here or click this link to pick a time for a demo so one of our expert coaches can link up to you with a screen share session and show you around Jigglar.

Awesome! We can’t wait to connect! Simply click this link to pick a time that works for you so one of our expert Jigglar coaches can link up to you with a screen share session and show you around real estate’s most popular online marketing platform.

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