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All of our real estate flyer templates are industry specific, giving agents a comprehensive range of marketing collateral. Unlike other tools we focus 100% on realtors.

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Get a professional result without the professional graphic designer cost. On average, agents save over $1500, or more, in their first month.

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Our real estate marketing templates aren’t just pretty pictures. Jigglar is packed full of proven real estate strategies to get you results and help you grow as a realtor.

Discover how a Rookie agent generated $200k in 6 months, using Jigglar real estate flyer templates.

Alex Garden applied proven Jigglar real estate marketing strategies to his marketing routine and quickly reaped the rewards. Watch this enlightening video testimonial and learn how you too can easily get more listings and make more sales just like Alex did.

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Here's a taste of our current real estate flyers, brochures and social media templates you can easily edit and make your own.

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Agents are amazed with our easy to use DIY template features

Jigglar has been developed to empower real estate agents to improve the quality of their marketing by offering professionally designed real estate flyer, brochure, and social media templates. The following features are just a sample of the full power of Jigglar.

Real estate templates that get results.

There’s no wedding invites or travel flyers here. We’re 100% focused on real estate flyers. 300+ and counting with more templates being added each week. Not only do they look amazing, they’re designed to get you more listings and sell faster.

You can edit ANY of the text!

Every element on the template is editable, so text is changed easily with a few clicks. We’ve also added loads of fonts and styling options so you can be as creative as you like with your copy

Add your listing photos in seconds

With a few simple clicks you can replace any of the template images with your own property photos. With pre-set image containers, we’ve made it extra easy for you to customize our real estate templates.

 Get creative with shapes.

Enhance your real estate flyers with shapes! Create background blocks, image containers and striking graphical effects. Simple drag and drop with easy to edit options. Get creative!.

Being on brand is super easy.

With one click you can change all the colours in a real estate flyer template to match your agency profile. No more manually editing or guessing what the colors should be. We’ve pre-loaded all the big brands already for you!

We all make mistakes, just undo!

No matter how hard we try, mistakes will always happen. So when they do just click the “Undo” icon and your real estate flyers will be righted again to your previous step.

Manual layer stacking.

Control the objects on your real estate flyers with our layer stacking tool. You can quickly and easily adjust the stacking order of newly added elements.

Need more the same? Duplicate it.

The ability to duplicate items in your design will save you hours of editing from scratch. Set up a listing thumbnail with icons and features, then duplicate it and place it as many times as you need.

 Create and save your work.

Jigglar allows you to save your work to the cloud. We call them “Jiggles”. Create a library of valuable, real estate marketing material and you’ll be able to re-use templates when you need.

 We’re here to help.

Not only do we have great live chat support, we also have a full knowledge base packed with articles, videos and how-to guides on everything Jigglar.

 Your printer will love you!

Need to send your artwork off to your favourite printer? No problem, download your Jiggle as a Print Ready pdf, including Bleed and Trim Marks! Your printer will love you!.

 Pre loaded text fields.

To make it even easier to use we’ve linked important data from your account profile straight into the templates, so when you open one up half the work is already done!

What real estate agents are saying about Jigglar

Save time and money while making more sales with our easy to use real estate templates.

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Your brand, your agency, your templates, your team!

The perfect solution for the perfect real estate agency marketing system.
Discover the power of the Jigglar Teams account.  Brand integrity has never been so easy to manage.

Create Team Templates
Design and share your own marketing templates with your team, keeping your message strong and consistent.

Admin User Control
As and Admin you’ll be able to log into any team user account and assist them with any tasks or designs.

Easily Add Team Members
New team members? Easily add them to your Jigglar Team account, or remove them if they have moved on.

Lock Template Elements
Stop team members from altering the template layout by locking down structural and brand elements.

Shared Media Library
Easily create a team media library. Ensure everyone is always using the correct graphic and image files.

User Role Management
Need help managing your Team. Easily assign manager status to any team member.

Our Single User Plan is awesome, but we know there are a lot of you out there that work in teams. Jigglar offers Team Plans with full admin control. Share team resources and customize individual user templates. You can even build and share your own brand specific templates, ensuring your brand integrity isn’t compromised.

It’s now so easy to create, share and manage your  real estate agency marketing collateral with your entire team. 

Give them the tools to promote and grow your brand.

Some more love from our agents.

Marketing your real estate business

Optimized for all the top agency brands.

Watch and learn!

YouTube Video Resource

We’ve put together an ever growing collection of video resource for you.  Our videos not only show you how to quickly customise our templates, they also show you how to effectively implement them into your marketing area to gain maximum effect and more listings and sales.

Save time and money while making more sales with our easy to use real estate templates.

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