3 Tips to Build Your Personal Real Estate Brand

If you’re an independent real estate agent, building your personal brand is crucial to your success. For a viable business, you’ll need to stand out from the competition. However, if you’re just getting started in the field, you might not know much about real estate agent branding.

The good news is that you can easily build your personal real estate brand – as long as you follow a few key tips and you’re using the right tools. For instance, focusing on visuals, engaging with clients, and establishing your credibility will go a long way.

In this post, we’ll discuss why real estate agent branding is important. Then, we’ll go over three essential tips to build your own personal real estate brand. Along the way, we’ll also share Jigglar templates that can help you. Let’s get to it!

Why Real Estate Agent Branding Is Important

No matter what you’re selling, business branding is extremely important. That’s because establishing a recognizable brand can help build trust and interest – ultimately generating leads.

When it comes to personal real estate agent branding, it can aid in expanding your professional reach and winning clients, thereby boosting your revenue.

If you’re an independent realtor without a team, building a strong personal brand is even more important, because you won’t be able to rely on the credibility of an established real estate business.

The good news is, since we are living in a digital age, building a brand is highly accessible:

A real estate business profile on Instagram

You can use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and more. However, in the real estate field, it’s important to keep in mind that branding materials like flyers, physical newsletters, and postcards are still commonplace.

3 Ways to Build Your Personal Real Estate Brand

Now that you know why real estate agent branding is important, let’s go over three tips to help you build your personal business identity!

1. Establish a Clear Visual Brand

Due to the popularity of platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest, your potential clients likely prefer visual content. Therefore, establishing a strong visual brand is one of the most important steps you can take when building your real estate business.

Keep in mind, your visual brand encompasses most of your real estate marketing materials. This includes everything from social media profiles to property listings and open house advertisements.

To build a clear visual brand identity, you might start by choosing a color palette and fonts. With colors, you can feel free to express your personality as long as your selections are complementary and professional looking. In terms of fonts, always go with something that’s easy-to-read:

A Jigglar template advertising a real estate listing

You can use Jigglar templates to speed up the process, easily customizing colors, fonts, and other essential design elements such as a logo. Additionally, incorporating a professional portrait is vital, since potential clients will want to know who you are.

Jigglar also offers several comprehensive real estate brand kits. With these sets, maintaining a cohesive visual brand can be a breeze. This is crucial, because when you stay consistent with your visuals, you can boost your recognizability factor.

2. Build Your Credibility

Another key piece in any real estate agent branding strategy should be building your credibility. That’s because buying or selling a home is a big deal, and your customers will want to know you’re up to the challenge.

One great way to do this is to formally introduce yourself with an agent profile on social media or with a physical flyer:

A profile is a key part of real estate agent branding

You’ll want to introduce yourself in a friendly manner, providing any important information regarding things like licensing, credentials, and any other relevant experience. Then, it’s a good idea to share your successes.

If you’re just getting started, a simple “Just Sold” post can go a long way to build confidence in your abilities:

A "Just Sold" real estate template from Jigglar

Once you have enough sales under your belt, you can even put together a realtor report to give people a better sense of your achievements.

3. Engage with Your Clients

Visuals and credibility are crucial when you’re building your own personal real estate brand. However, your personality and ability to be relatable are also key.

Therefore, another important aspect of real estate agent branding is engaging with clients. When you build connections and make the effort to maintain them, you’ll be more likely to win customers.

Keep in mind that this may not happen right away, as it takes a while to generate leads and cultivate meaningful relationships with your target audience. In any case, when you leverage social media to engage with clients, you’ll likely be more effective.

In addition to advertising listings and building your authority on social platforms, you can use them to casually engage with your followers via surveys:

Engaging with potential clients on social media is a key part of real estate agent branding

Alternatively, you could offer tips and advice to homeowners and potential buyers. This way, you simultaneously build your credibility and support meaningful connections.

Jigglar comes with an entire category dedicated to customizable social media templates formatted for platforms like Instagram and Facebook.


With a bit of determination and patience, almost anyone can build a successful real estate business. However, if you don’t establish a clear brand in the process, your efforts might fall flat. 

But don’t worry, when you follow these simple tips you’ll be on your way to a successful real estate business:

  1. Establish a clear visual brand.
  2. Build your credibility.
  3. Engage with your clients.

Want to build a successful real estate agent branding strategy? Sign up for Jigglar to get access to brand kits and tons of customizable real estate marketing templates!

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