5 Instagram Story Templates for Real Estate Agents

To market your listings, you might rely on posting images and reels on Instagram. However, if you’re not also creating stories, you might reach many new clients.

Fortunately, Jigglar provides pre-designed templates to instantly create new Instagram stories. These include ways to display new listings, advertise open homes, and much more. By posting stories, you’ll increase your business’s visibility and potentially convert followers into leads.

In this post, we’ll explain how Instagram stories can be beneficial for real estate agents. Then, we’ll show you five of Jigglar’s Instagram story templates to help you optimize your social media strategy. Let’s get started!

How Instagram Stories Might Be Useful for Real Estate Agents

When Instagram was first launched, users could only post static images. Now, when you open this social media platform, you can view other users’ stories. These are photos or videos that disappear after 24 hours:

Instagram stories

Since Instagram stories won’t stay on your profile forever, you might avoid creating them. However, Instagram users currently want to view stories. In 2020, watching stories was a more popular Instagram activity than browsing feeds or watching videos.

Without worrying about getting likes or comments, you can use stories to showcase new real estate listings. After you post a story, your followers can view it at the top of their main feed. This can increase your visibility and brand awareness:

Real estate Instagram story

Although stories disappear, you’ll be able to save them in your profile. Instagram allows you to create highlights, which are collections of previous stories. With this feature, you can show new followers your past listings, reviews, awards, and much more:

Instagram story highlights

Ultimately, Instagram stories are an invaluable tool for real estate agents. To step up your social media marketing game, it’s important to regularly share new content to your story.

5 Instagram Story Templates for Real Estate Agents

Now that you know how beneficial Instagram stories can be, you might not know how to create them. With Jigglar, you can start with pre-designed Instagram story templates to instantly achieve a high-quality design. Let’s discuss our best templates for real estate stories!

1. Just Listed

Just Listed Instagram story

As a real estate agent, it’s important to advertise new listings. With this Jigglar template, you can inform your followers that you just listed a home for sale.

By including an aesthetic image and some details about the property, you’ll potentially get more applications. Since stories only last a few seconds, it’s best to limit this information to only what’s necessary.

You can also include a Call to Action (CTA) that encourages viewers to swipe up on the story. This allows you to link to a web page dedicated to the property listing. However, keep in mind that this feature is only available for accounts with over 10,000 followers.

2. Your Area’s Median House Prices

Median house prices story

You don’t have to limit stories to just property information. As we mentioned earlier, your followers will see your new stories right when they open the Instagram app. Rather than bombarding them with advertising, you can provide useful information.

For example, you might like to share the median house prices for a specific area. You can list different prices for individual suburbs in a city. For each suburb, consider displaying how many homes you’ve sold.

After viewing this information, people living in high-value suburbs may want to sell their homes. In this case, you can encourage users to call you and find out how much their property is worth. Ultimately, this story can educate your following and increase your client base.

3. Open House

Open house story

If you’re hosting an open house, you might not know how to advertise it. You can post flyers in a local neighborhood, but this might not attract the most attendees.

In a story, you can inform your followers about your event’s date and location. This Jigglar template allows you to add a photo to feature your new property. With this design, you’ll draw attention to the home and motivate people to come and visit.

4. Benefits of Using a Real Estate Agent

Benefits of using a real estate agent

In some cases, your followers might be on the fence about using your real estate services. Often, it can be difficult to convert these online users into high-value leads.

To solve this problem, consider creating a series of stories that advertise your services. When users click on your story, they can navigate through different slides explaining how you can be useful as their real estate agent.

With Jigglar, you’ll receive a full set of templates for each slide. These come with pre-written content that you can tweak to fit your needs:

Real estate agent benefits

By posting these stories, your followers will better understand why they should contact you. Since the stories offer real value to users, you won’t turn them away with needless self-promotion.

5. Tips for Staging Your Home

Real estate staging tips

Additionally, homeowners may need some help as they’re selling. First-time sellers likely won’t be familiar with staging a home for prospective buyers. In a story, you can give some tips to help.

This can advise a seller about how their home should look. You can include tips about cleaning, repairs, and decluttering:

Real estate tips

If you’re struggling to create these stories, don’t worry! Jigglar provides a collection of story templates that you can simply personalize with your real estate logo and post to your feed.


Since Instagram stories are displayed at the top of the feed, they can be an effective way to grow your real estate business. Using Jigglar templates, you can create stories that inform your followers about staging and selling their homes. Plus, you’ll be able to explain how your services can benefit first-time sellers.

To review, here are the best Instagram story templates from Jigglar:

  1. Just listed.
  2. Your area’s median house prices.
  3. Open house.
  4. Benefits of using a real estate agent.
  5. Tips for staging your home.

Do you want to start posting high-quality stories to your real estate Instagram? Sign up for a free trial at Jigglar today!

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