7 Powerful Calls to Action to Use in Your Real Estate Flyers

When marketing your real estate business, you might struggle to attract prospective buyers and sellers. Even if you have a well-designed flyer, it can be difficult to drive viewers to take a specific action.

By including a convincing call to action, you can encourage your audience to contact you about any of their real estate needs. The right statement can be the key to converting passive viewers into active leads

In this post, we’ll explain what a call to action is and why it’s an essential marketing tactic. Then, we’ll show you seven examples you can use in your real estate flyers. Let’s get started!

An Introduction to Calls to Action (CTAs)

A call to action (CTA) is a phrase that prompts readers to do something. These commonly employ power words such as “Buy now!” to encourage a desired action.

As a real estate agent, using the right CTA can convert casual viewers into business leads. For example, you can say “Call me” so that potential clients know how to get in touch with you:

Call to action

Calls to action can pique a reader’s interest and persuade them that your business is worth checking out. For your in-person flyers, a strong call to action can prevent people from walking away.

Alternatively, on your website, a CTA can encourage users to interact with your content and navigate to different pages. This can reduce your bounce rates and improve your site’s search engine ranking and overall visibility.

Likewise, you can benefit from listing a strong call to action on social media. For instance, you can welcome users to call you about listing details:

Social media call to action

Here are some basic qualities of a great CTA:

  • Simple
  • Engaging
  • Leaves the reader wanting to know more

Without a call to action, your marketing tactics may not generate many leads. If people are on the fence about contacting you, a powerful CTA can encourage them to take that important first step.

7 Powerful Calls to Action to Use in Your Real Estate Flyers

Calls to action can have a big impact on the success of your real estate flyers. If you’re having some trouble thinking of an engaging CTA, here are some powerful examples to help you get started!

1. Want to See What Your Home is Worth?

Sometimes, people don’t know they want to sell their house until they realize its value. When your flyer offers a free valuation, your readers may be more likely to contact you for information:

Home value CTA

This call to action can interest readers who may have never considered their home’s value before. Plus, you can include a QR code to provide an easy way for people to interact with your flyer. If someone is hesitant to call you or send an email, scanning a QR code is a simpler alternative.

2. Which Interior Do You Like Most?

Answering a simple, fun question can be less stressful than making a phone call or writing an email. This playful call to action can encourage hesitant viewers to simply vote on their favorite interior:

Interior design call to action

If you post this style of flyer on social media, you might simply want to gain interactions from online visitors. By asking readers to choose the best interior design, you can easily increase engagement on your posts. This can help you build a connection with your audience.

3. Do You Want to Know the NEW Spring Value of Your Property?

If you stay up-to-date with the latest property values, you’ll notice fluctuations for different seasons. When people view your promotional flyers, they might not know this. Even if someone has already gotten an appraisal recently, you can direct them to discover their updated home value:

Property spring value

This call to action prompts homeowners to contact you to find out what their property is worth. After they scan a QR code or give you a call, you can give them a new estimate.

4. Stop Paying Someone Else’s Mortgage

Many people are discouraged because they don’t own a house yet. When you tell them to stop paying someone else’s mortgage, this may be the gentle nudge they needed to start looking for the perfect home:

Stop paying mortgage

This CTA reminds readers that it’s always a good time to consider becoming a homeowner. That’s because the alternative means putting money in someone else’s pocket. Like all good CTAs, this creates a sense of urgency.

5. Put Getting an Appraisal on Your To-Do List!

Your potential clients will likely have busy lives. Using this CTA, you can respect your readers’ hectic schedules, but also inform them that getting an appraisal is important:

Appraisal on to-do list

This lets your prospective buyers and sellers know that you’re available when they need you. Even if they don’t contact you right away, viewers may be more likely to write down your information for later use.

6. Ask Me How You Can Be in Your New Home By Christmas

This call to action gives your potential buyers a promise. By Christmas, you can find their dream home:

New home by Christmas

Since this is a bold guarantee, readers might be more interested in your services. If they want to know exactly how you can fulfill this promise, they can simply call and ask.

7. Want to Speak to An Agent?

Sometimes it’s best to keep it short and simple. As a real estate agent, you can offer your services and mention that you’re currently available:

Speak to an agent

You can follow this CTA with your phone number and email address. This way, you can motivate potential clients to get in touch.


When you use the right call to action, you can make any real estate flyer more effective. A simple but engaging statement can stir a reader’s curiosity and lead them to you for further information. 

Often, questions and direct statements make the best calls to action. By simply writing “Want to see what your home is worth?”, you can create interest in your services. As an alternative, declaring something like “Stop paying someone else’s mortgage!” can motivate viewers to contact you for a solution to their problem.

With Jigglar, you can access thousands of ready-to-use templates with a variety of call-to-action statements. When you sign up for a free trial, you could be that much closer to gaining your first lead!

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