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6 Real Estate Power Words And How To Use Them On Your Ads & Flyers

When you’re creating your real estate flyers and advertisements, it’s important to take strategic measures to ensure they’re unique and attention-grabbing. Typically, this involves including high-quality images. However, just as essential is incorporating the right real estate power words.

Using strong language in your ads can help you stand out to potential clients and generate more leads. The best listings don’t just inform buyers of the basic details of a property; they actively persuade them on why it’s worth checking out. Selecting the appropriate terms and phrases can make doing so significantly easier.

In this post, we’ll provide you with a list of six of the best real estate power words. For each, we’ll explain why they’re effective and show you an example of how they can be used in a flyer or advertisement. Let’s jump in!

1. More Space (Or Spacious)

Accurately describing a home is key for real estate flyers. However, it’s also important to use terms and phrases that highlight qualities most people are looking for in their next house, such as more space:

A template using real estate power words.

The question posited in the above flyer plays into many buyers’ desire to expand their living space and seek a real estate agent in the first place. With this phrasing, the ad helps the potential client understand that this endeavor is something you’d be able to help with. Plus, it does so using an appealing phrase such as “more space”.

2. You/Your

If you’re looking for a simple yet effective way of grabbing peoples’ attention, few tactics are more straightforward than speaking directly to them. This is one of the reasons why HubSpot names “you” as one of the best keywords for selling:

A real estate flyer.

“You” and “your” are real estate power words that help instantly draw people in. The above flyer works because, in addition to speaking straight to the audience, it also poses a question that a seller is interested in knowing the answer to.

With this type of flyer, there is a problem and solution presented. In this case, the prospect would want to know how much they could sell their home for, and the flyer is explaining that they can help deliver an answer.

3. Now

As with any type of advertisement, it’s always a smart idea to instill a sense of urgency. When it comes to real estate flyers, one of the ways you can do that is by using words such as “now”:

A "Now is the time to sell" flyer.

This can help incentivize prospects to act quickly.

4. Free

When it comes to marketing materials, few words can turn heads quite like “free” can. After all, everyone appreciates a freebie.

A real estate flyer with "free" included as a power word.

The above flyer is just one example of how you can incorporate “free” into your ads. Another option would be to run a giveaway. This can be an effective strategy for generating leads and collecting prospects’ contact information.

5. Dream

As a real estate professional, part of your responsibility is to draw clients in by helping them see the big picture. When it comes to finding potential buyers, you might try attracting them by explaining how you can help them find their “dream” home, something many people are after:

An example of a flyer incorporating real estate power words.

This is also a flexible approach. For example, you can also use it for sellers who are looking to sell their homes for the opportunity to upgrade to a more luxurious one. The key is communicating that whatever their end goal is, you can help them achieve it.

6. Worth/Value

When most sellers are considering putting their house on the market, there is one question that they’re primarily concerned with: how much could it sell for? This is why it might be helpful to incorporate real estate power words such as “worth” or “value” into your flyers:

As we mentioned earlier, this can be a useful strategy because it poses a direct question that can quickly capture someone’s attention. It also helps demonstrate how you could be of immediate assistance to them.


When crafting your flyers and advertisements, using the right words can make all the difference in your effectiveness in generating more leads. This is why we recommend carefully considering the language you use.

In this article, we discussed six real estate power words that can help take your marketing to the next level:

  1. More space.
  2. You/your.
  3. Now.
  4. Free.
  5. Dream.a
  6. Worth/value.

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