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5 Real Estate Marketing Flyers To Get More Leads (2021 Updated)

Finding leads is one of the biggest challenges of working in the real estate market. Competition for every listing is fierce, especially these days when the market is very geared towards sellers.

You need to think outside of the box when it comes to marketing. In 2021, ‘outside-the-box’ sometimes means going offline and deploying strategies that other agents are no longer willing to do. You don’t want to be an agent that sits at home browsing social media and “hoping” for a lead. You need to make it happen!

Real estate marketing flyers can be a powerful tool to help you find localized leads. With the right design, a flyer can be difficult to ignore. Plus, flyers can remarkably cheap to produce in bulk, which can increase your marketing Return on Investment (ROI).

In this article, we’ll show you five unique real estate marketing flyer designs from the Jigglar archives that’ll help you close the deal. Let’s get to it!

1. Property Just Listed Flyers

If you want to promote hot new properties in your portfolio, sometimes the best way to do it is through real estate marketing flyers. You can pack a surprising amount of information a single flyer, as you can see below:

Real estate marketing flyers

If you want to promote a new property, you need to make sure that you play up what makes it unique. That means including one picture from its best angle and talking about its amenities.

At the same time, you want to take advantage of the opportunity to promote your social media profiles and include contact information. Even if you don’t get any qualified leads, this type of real estate marketing flyer can help you build your follower count on Instagram or Facebook.

2. COVID Status Updates Flyers

A lot of potential sellers in your area might be wary about listing properties now due to COVID. They might think they won’t get the best prices or that their properties would sit in the market for too long. It’s your job as a realtor to assuage their fears and explain why they might not be accurate:

COVID status update flyer

The most important point that you have to address is that since the pandemic has affected the number of listings in the market, client’s properties migth get more attention.

In some cities, the real estate market is already making a strong comeback. That means the time to put up new listings is now. By distributing these real estate marketing flyers, you might just get a few extra leads from sellers that were waiting for the right moment.

3. Free Home Appraisal Flyers

Everyone loves getting a service for free and that includes home appraisals. Most people are interested in getting up-to-date valuations for their properties. However, a lot of those potential clients might be scared to reach out to realtor because they’re not sure how much that appraisal will cost.

Offering free home appraisals is an excellent way to collect new leads and get future clients to know you:

Free home appraisal flyer

What’s smart about that offer is that it’s open to the whole neighborhood with no strings attached. Knowing some of their neighbors might be getting home appraisals will give others the push they need to reach out to you.

Moreover, by putting a specific date in your calendar, you incentivize neighbors to make a decision fast. Since you’re offering the service for free, you’re bound to get a few leads!

4. Agent Profile Real Estate Marketing Flyers

If you want local homeowners to get acquainted with you, then you need to do some outreach. A great way to do that is by distributing real estate marketing flyers that break down some of your most impressive accomplishments as a realtor:

Real estate agent profile

With this flyer, your goal is to get interested sellers to reach out to you. Some may be interested right away while others save your flyer for a rainy day. In any case, now your name is out there and clients might think of you when they want to get a home appraisal or set up a listing.

5. Holiday and Seasonal Flyers (An Evergreen Real Estate Marketing Strategy)

It’s all too normal for local business to reach out to their neighborhoods during the holidays. You can use flyers to help get the word out about your business and give neighbors the information they need about the local real estate business.

For example, Spring is one of the best times to set up new listings. With this flyer design, you can let homeowners know now is the time to consider putting their properties in the market:

Seasonal real esrate flyer

Every holiday and new season gives you an additional opportunity to reach out to potential customers. With Jigglar’s real estate marketing flyers, you have access to all the designs you need to get started.


Real estate marketing flyers enable you to collect leads from the neighborhoods you’re interested in. You can use them to help you convince homeowners to list their properties, get the word out about open houses, and much more.

What’s better is that flyers can be remarkably cheap to print and distribute. By combining real estate marketing flyers with other methods, such as using Instagram to promote your business, you may be able to move properties much faster than you’d imagine.

If you’re ready to get to work on your own real estate marketing flyers, sign up for Jigglar for free!

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