4 Real Estate Sale Preparation Guides You Can Share With Customers

Selling a home can be an intimidating task, so it’s no surprise that some homeowners may be hesitant to get the process started. However, as a real estate agent, it’s your job to convince them to do just that. One way you can do this is by providing a free checklist for selling a house.

When you offer a real estate guide for sellers, you can demystify this process and put your potential clients at ease. Plus, you can use a real estate seller’s map to market your services. This can help you gain people’s trust and land real estate leads.

In this post, we’ll share four real estate sale preparation guides that you can share with customers. Keep in mind that all of these are customizable real estate templates from Jigglar. Let’s dive right in!

1. The Bold Home Seller’s Guide

First, let’s check out one of Jigglar’s bolder designs:

The bold home selling roadmap from Jigglar

This is the front of a two-page home-selling roadmap. As you can see, it leverages bold fonts and colors in order to get the readers’ attention. It also gives real estate agents the opportunity to include a professional portrait, essential details, and a brief introduction.

Now, here is the back, which contains the actual checklist for selling a house:

A Jigglar checklist for selling a house

This is an extremely comprehensive sale preparation guide, complete with twenty steps. The guide begins with signing an agreement with a real estate agent, and ends with a sale!

Keep in mind that all of Jigglar’s real estate templates are highly customizable. In addition to images and logos, the Jigglar editor enables you to easily modify colors, fonts, and any other design element. You can even add QR codes to your marketing content.

2. The Classic Home Seller’s Guide

Next, let’s take look at a more classic-looking real estate guide for home sellers:

A classic-looking roadmap for selling a house

This more traditional design, gives you the space to put a large, full-size portrait front and center. (Like the kind you might see on a bus or a park bench.) It also lets people know right away what the guide will help you achieve.

Meanwhile, the guide itself looks like this:

A classic-looking checklist for selling a house

Once again, this checklist for buying a house contains twenty important steps, it even mentions putting the “SOLD” sticker on a house. While it may seem a bit silly, including exciting steps like these that can help motivate hesitant leads.

And, as you may have noticed, both the front and back provide you with the opportunity to add your logo and portrait. This may be a good choice for newer real estate agents who are trying to build their personal brand and boost recognizability.

3. The Minimalist Home Seller’s Guide

Now, for real estate agents that prefer simplicity, here’s a more minimalist home seller’s guide:

A real estate sale preparation guide with a minimalist design

This cover provides placeholders for all the essential information, including your name, title, and logo. Additionally, it provides a useful introduction. However, it relies heavily on its stunning background image and contrasting lettering.

Here’s what you’ll find on the back of this Jigglar design:

A real estate checklist for selling a house

Once again, there are no frills here. You can simply add the same key information as on the front. Then, provide any additional advice on next steps (such as a recommendation for a moving company).

4. The Branded Home Seller’s Guide

If you really want to ensure that your real estate marketing materials are cohesive and on-brand, you might consider using one of the Jigglar brand kits.

This way, you can access an entire collection of real estate templates that match each other. Each kit will also include a checklist for selling a house:

A branded road map for selling a house

With this Jigglar design, you’ll be able to easily swap in your unique details, brand colors, etc.:

A branded checklist for selling a house

If cohesive branding is important to you, you might also want to slightly change the language for each of the items in the checklist. This can help ensure that your checklist not only aligns with your visual brand, but it also matches your unique tone and voice.


Whether you’re a new real estate agent or a veteran, getting listings can be a challenge. That’s because selling a home is a big deal. The good news is that you can offer customers some simple materials to help them navigate the selling process.

You can provide them with a guide or checklist for selling a house. This way, they can feel confident in knowing what comes next in the process. Plus, these real estate preparation guides can also double as marketing content. And, when you use Jigglar’s customizable real estate templates, creating them can be a breeze.

Are you ready to create your custom, branded checklist for selling a house? Sign up for a Jigglar free trial today!

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