The 7 Best Ways to Get Listings in a Tight Market

In a challenging real estate market characterized by limited inventory and fierce competition among agents, it’s crucial to stay ahead and maintain a competitive edge. To help real estate professionals thrive in such conditions, we present “The 7 Best Ways to Get Listings in a Tight Market,” an ebook by Ray Wood, Co-Founder of This comprehensive guide offers actionable strategies and insights to help agents secure listings and stand out in the industry. In this blog post, we’ll provide an overview of the ebook’s content, highlighting its applications and strengths within the real estate industry.

  1. Reconnect with past purchasers:
    Don’t overlook the potential within your existing network. Reach out to buyers who have previously purchased through your office but haven’t been in touch recently. By nurturing these relationships and offering assistance, you can expand your database and increase the chances of securing future listings.
  2. Follow up on past Market Value Opinions (MVOs):
    Identify clients for whom you’ve conducted MVOs but haven’t maintained regular contact. Update them on changing market values and inquire if they would like a current appraisal. Reconnecting with these potential sellers can uncover valuable listing opportunities.
  3. Engage withdrawn listings:
    Many withdrawn listings eventually sell, so it’s important to maintain communication with these clients. Implement a three-step approach, including sending emails, SMS messages, and making follow-up calls. This strategy allows you to assess their motivation to sell and explore potential opportunities.
  4. Implement targeted marketing in your farm area:
    Rather than trying to cover a large territory, focus on a specific precinct or farm area with high turnover. Employ the 6 X 6 marketing plan, reaching out to approximately 1800 homes every six weeks. Crafting compelling messages and calls to action will help you make meaningful connections with potential sellers.
  5. Leverage advanced marketing and client care software:
    To optimize your efficiency and scale your opportunities, invest in a top-notch marketing and client engagement platform. By adopting advanced software tailored to the real estate industry, you can effectively manage client relationships, streamline marketing efforts, and stay ahead of the competition.
  6. Develop a powerful lead generation concept:
    Establish a unique selling proposition that sets you apart from other agents in your area. Consider leveraging client reviews and testimonials to demonstrate your expertise and success in generating top market results. Reputation management is a vital aspect of real estate marketing, as potential clients seek social proof before making decisions.
  7. Make personal connections through phone calls:
    Nothing compares to the impact of a personal phone call. Commit to reaching out to your database and farm area daily, informing them about new listings and recently sold properties. Consistent communication and providing value to your contacts can significantly boost your success in the industry.

“The 7 Best Ways to Get Listings in a Tight Market” offers a treasure trove of strategies to help real estate professionals thrive in challenging market conditions. From reconnecting with past clients to implementing targeted marketing campaigns and leveraging advanced software, these tactics can elevate your success in the real estate industry. Embrace these methods, and you’ll position yourself as a top agent, standing out from the competition and attracting more listings in even the toughest markets.

Remember, at, we are dedicated to supporting real estate professionals with more than just design services. We strive to provide long-lasting and tangible support through strategic concepts and ideas. If you need additional strategies or have specific needs, our team is here to assist you. Together, we can navigate the dynamic real estate landscape and achieve remarkable results.

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