How to Generate Real Estate Leads (Without Social Media)

While social media definitely has its perks, you shouldn’t rely solely on social media for lead generation. For starters, you can miss out on a whole audience if you concentrate your efforts here, particularly older clients that may not use social networks. Plus, it can be difficult to make your promotions stand out amidst so much competition.

That’s why it can be a good idea to supplement your social strategy with other methods that can help you generate real estate leads. For example, you can start an email list, write blog posts, and offer lead magnets like free home valuations. This way, you can diversify your marketing strategy and reach a wider audience.

In this post, we’ll discuss five ways to acquire real estate leads without social media. Let’s get to it!

1. Start an Email List

Despite the growth of social messenger apps, there’s estimated to be 4.48 billion email users which provides a huge incentive to start an email list. All you have to do is place a signup form on your website where visitors can leave their email addresses.

Then, you can send promotional campaigns and business newsletters directly to your subscribers’ inboxes. Typically, campaigns are delivered in stages which enables you to warm people up to the idea of buying or selling property.

Additionally, since this can be a longer process than publishing a quick social media post, it’s also a great way to nurture customer relationships and increase trust. And, you don’t need any special skills to exceed in this area.

At Jigglar, we provide a whole library of real estate templates to help you succeed in your marketing endeavours. In fact, you’ll find tons of dedicated newsletter templates that you can distribute to your audience:

How to generate real estate leads without social media: Email marketing

These templates are a great way to introduce your brand and showcase your best properties. Plus, all templates are completely customizable, so it’s easy to swap in your own images, logo, and contact details.

2. Offer Lead Magnets

The easiest way to encourage people to subscribe to your mailing list is to offer a lead magnet. This provides an incentive for prospects to hand over their contact details (rather than simply asking for them).

For example, you might share a home buyer’s checklist or other infographics to help first-time buyers:

Generate real estate leads with a free lead magnet

Additionally, you might have a real estate eBook or online course that you could give your subscribers access to. Or, simply offer a free home valuation or even an informal coffee chat to discuss the current market.

3. Write Blog Posts

If you’re looking to generate real estate leads without social media, you can also write blog posts to drive organic traffic to your website. Search engine optimization (SEO) employs a bunch of strategies that make your website more appealing to search engines (and real users).

Typically, good SEO requires you to implement relevant keywords within your page content, headings, meta descriptions, image alts, and more. This enables you to match the search intent, and signal to engines that your content is highly relevant and valuable.

Plus, you can use free tools like Google Keyword Planner to discover keywords:

How to generate leads by writing SEO-friendly blog posts

A blog provides plenty of opportunities to include keywords on your website. Meanwhile, you’re able to target different keywords in each of your blog posts. And, once you get the hang of blogging, you can even contribute to other websites as a guest blogger which can help you tap into new audiences and establish credibility.

4. Use Traditional Marketing Materials

Plenty of real estate agencies use digital marketing methods to attract new clients. Therefore, traditional marketing methods (like a direct mail campaign) can help you stand out and capture peoples’ attention.

What’s more, Jigglar also provides tons of materials for traditional advertising including a range of stunning pre-made flyers and postcards:

How to generate leads without social media: Use direct mail

For example, you can share properties that you’ve just listed or just sold so that local members of the community understand how much they could get for their homes. Or, you might send invitations to open house events in the area.

Additionally, with Jigglar templates, you can also generate and insert QR codes into your marketing materials to add prospects to your sales funnel. Better yet, there are tons of ways to get started with traditional marketing including billboards, benches, and features in local publications.

5. Reach Out to Past Clients

Many real estate agents forget about the clients they’ve worked with previously. But, this can be one of the simplest ways to generate leads since you’ve already developed a trusting relationship with these people. And, hopefully, you delivered a high-quality service that’s worth recommending.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that past clients are more likely to be receptive to your emails or calls. Therefore, you can reach out to previous sellers and ask whether you can use their comments and feedback to create client stories or feature testimonials on your website or in newsletters:

How to generate real estate leads using testimonials

This way, new clients can see the value of your service from real people which can increase confidence in your ability. In fact, 94 percent of U.S. consumers stated that positive reviews make them more likely to use a business.


Lead generation is one of the most important (and challenging) parts of real estate marketing. For instance, it can be difficult to make your services stand out in such a saturated industry. But, the good news is that you can try generating leads without social media to target new audiences and diversify your strategy.

To recap, here are five ways to generate real estate marketing leads without social media:

  1. Start an email list.
  2. Offer lead magnets.
  3. Write blog posts.
  4. Use traditional marketing materials.
  5. Reach out to past clients.

At Jigglar, we provide a top-quality selection of real estate marketing templates that make it quick and easy to create your content. You can find ready-made flyers, postcards, newsletters, eBooks, profiles, infographics, and more. Get started with a 14-day free trial today (no credit card required)!

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