How to Leverage Testimonials in Your Real Estate Marketing Materials

With tons of new real estate agents entering the field each year, anything you can do to differentiate yourself from the competition is crucial. Realtor testimonials are one of the best ways to set yourself apart, but it can be difficult to know how to use them effectively.

To get the maximum value out of your hard-won client testimonials, you’ll want to display them everywhere you can. Fortunately, you can use Jigglar templates to put them in your newsletter, flyers, social media, and more.

In this post, we’ll discuss why it’s important to share realtor testimonials. Then, we’ll show you how to leverage client testimonials in your real estate marketing materials. Let’s get to it!

Why Is Sharing Realtor Testimonials Important?

Before we show you how to use realtor testimonials in your marketing materials, let’s discuss why you might want to do so.

To put it simply, realtor testimonials can do a lot of work for you – and quickly. That’s because just a few sentences from a happy client can help you build trust, establish a work history, and differentiate you from other real estate agents.

Essentially, when you display a positive testimonial from a previous client, you’re demonstrating that you’ve worked with someone successfully to close a deal. This shows potential clients that you were able to guide them through the complicated process of buying or selling a home, ultimately delivering on your promise.

Moreover, a testimonial can help separate you from other agents if it highlights something about your personality or a specific thing you do. For example, a thorough testimonial might share that you kept a cool head in a difficult situation – or that you want above and beyond to help a client.

In fact, evidence shows that getting testimonials and using them well can make a huge difference in sales. According to the results of one study, social proof increased conversions by 34 percent.

How to Leverage Realtor Testimonials in Your Marketing Materials

Now that we’ve gone over why it’s important to share realtor testimonials, let’s look at some of the ways you can do so using Jigglar templates.

1. Showcase Testimonials in Newsletters

Newsletters are an effective, versatile marketing method that can cover a wide array of topics within the real estate field. Even better, they can tackle many at once. For instance, you might use a real estate newsletter to advertise your bio, a home you’re selling, and a profile of an up-and-coming neighborhood. 

The trick is to keep your newsletter more helpful than sales-y. This way, your potential clients are more likely to remain engaged. If you distribute your newsletter digitally, it can even help you get free real estate leads.

A real estate newsletter with a client testimonial

You can use a Jigglar template to quickly build your newsletter, which comes with space for a client testimonial. If you have more quotes you want to include, it’s easy to expand the testimonial area and reduce the size of other sections.

2. Include Testimonials in Marketing Flyers

Like newsletters, real estate flyers are a dynamic marketing tool that you can use for everything from a just-listed announcement to seasonal updates. Testimonials can be the main content of a real estate flyer or they can enhance its message.

Either way, real estate flyers can help you drum up leads through direct mail, as handouts, or digitally:

Flyer with sold houses on top half and realtor testimonial on the bottom half

Jigglar provides fully customizable templates to create eye-catching flyers with space to share your realtor testimonials.

3. Highlight Testimonials in Your Agent Profile

You can also use a thorough real estate agent profile to impress potential leads. Introducing yourself in a friendly, visually appealing way is a good start, but a glowing realtor testimonial can be a powerful addition:

A woman smiling with a realtor testimonial on the bottom right

At Jigglar we offer tons of stunning templates with everything you need for a good-looking agent profile. What’s more, all agent profile designs include space for your headshot, bio, and contact details.

Plus, it’s easy to change the preset colors on Jigglar templates to fit your personal brand’s palette. You can also swap out the placeholder logo and the background image to further personalize the design.

4. Post Testimonials on Social Media

Though realtor testimonials are often collected offline, they don’t have to stay there. You can use them on social channels like Facebook and Instagram to broaden your reach and bolster your social media reputation.

Using social media to promote your testimonials is perhaps the fastest way to spread the word. Jigglar offers beautiful templates to create simple yet effective testimonial posts:

A large social media post that displays a realtor testimonial superimposed on an image of a house

And, as we mentioned the Jigglar editor makes customization super easy. You can rewrite text and change the characteristics of any Jigglar template – such as headings, sizing, fonts, style, etc.


In a crowded real estate market, positive testimonials can help convert leads into clients. Realtor testimonials offer social proof and can differentiate you from other agents. That’s why it’s so important to display them wherever you can.

To recap, here are four ways you can leverage realtor testimonials in your marketing materials:

  1. Showcase testimonials in newsletters.
  2. Include testimonials in marketing flyers.
  3. Highlight testimonials in your agent profile.
  4. Post testimonials on social media.

Are you ready to share your real estate testimonials with the world? Sign up for a Jigglar free trial and showcase them in stunning marketing materials today!

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