4 Home Buying Checklists to Help You Win Clients

Are you looking for a way to build trust and goodwill with your potential real estate clients? Offering practical, free resources can be a great way to do this. 

That’s where home buying checklists can come in handy. This type of useful guide can be a real crowd pleaser. Plus, if you include a bit of your personality and branding, it can help boost your recognizability and get leads.

In this post, we’ll discuss home buying checklists and why they’re useful. Then, we’ll share some Jigglar templates so you can start winning over new clients with these nifty freebies. Let’s get started!

A Brief Introduction to the Home Buying Checklist

Before we share some useful home buying checklist options, let’s discuss the benefits of using them. First of all, many credible experts at places like the Harvard Business Review and CNN Health agree that people love checklists. They can help them achieve their goals and make them feel less stressed and anxious.

That’s probably why home buying checklists are also so popular. Buying a first (or even second or third) property can feel like a daunting process. Since there are so many steps, seeing them outlined in a convenient list can be reassuring:

A real estate home buying checklist example on social media

This way, people can check items off one by one, making sure they’re doing everything right. If you’re able to provide people with this peace of mind, they likely won’t forget who you are.

With that in mind, offering a strong home buying checklist can be an excellent real estate marketing strategy. It’s a great way to boost your visibility and credibility. Plus, if you’re using a template, it’s easy to customize it to reflect your visual brand and style.

It’s important to keep in mind that home buying checklist can (and should) cover everything from finding a real estate agent to making an offer. Some realtors may share shortened home buying checklists on social media (like in the example above). However, your audience will likely appreciate a more detailed version so they can be sure they’re not missing anything.

4 Home Buying Checklists to Help You Win Clients

Now that you know a bit more about home buying checklists, we’re going to share some Jigglar templates to help you create your own. To make things easier, we’ll label these designs based on their style.

1. The Classic Checklist

First, we’re going to look at what we’d call a “classic” example of a home buying checklist:

A home buying checklist cover page

This checklist’s cover page doesn’t reveal much, but as you can see, it does provide some excellent branding opportunities.

Mainly, it allows you to add a professional headshot, your real estate logo, and contact information. You can also easily swap out the cover image if you like.

Now, let’s check out one of the following pages to get a better idea of what this design has to offer:

Page three of a classic buyer's checklist template

One of the reasons we call this the classic design is because it uses a straightforward vertical layout. This page features steps like “Find a Lender” and “Establish a Budget”.

As you can see, this home buying checklist by Jigglar contains all the essentials. However, it’s super easy to modify the text of any of these steps. This is recommendable, so you can match the tone of the checklist to your personal brand.

2. The Bold Checklist

By default, every Jigglar template is customizable. For instance, you can easily modify design elements like headings, colors, and more.

Still, each one is intended to present a cohesive style. Here’s a bold home buying checklist design:

A bold checklist design

Once again, the cover page’s footer provides placeholders for your information. But this design goes a step further by including this personalized footer on every page:

The first page of a home buyer's checklist

That means if you choose this bold home buying checklist, your potential client will be reminded of your details on every page!

3. The Minimalist Checklist

Next up, let’s take a look at a more minimalist home buying checklist design:

A home buying checklist with a more minimalist design

This real estate template’s footer allows you to include even more personal information. For instance, you can also add your phone number and website address.

As you can see, this design shines due to its minimalist feel. But, it’s also one of the most thorough checklists you’ll find, going all the way to step 14, which is “Move In!”:

The last page of a home buying checklist template

While such a lengthy checklist may seem overkill. It’s crucial to help give your potential clients a tangible finish line. You can rest assured that many hopeful home buyers will appreciate it.

Since this is such a straightforward design, you may want to leave most elements as is. However, depending on the time of year, you may want to swap out image banners to match the seasons.

4. The Simple Checklist

Now let’s round out our list with a “simple” checklist:

A simple home buyers checklist

As you may have noticed, all of Jigglar’s home buying checklists are very thorough. They are all multi-page designs.

The other options on this list range from six to nine pages. But, this last template comes in at a somewhat conservative five pages:

Final page of a home buying checklist

Some users may appreciate this compact option. It allows for all the customization that the other templates do and even ends with a call to action.


Buying a home can be a long and overwhelming process. Most first time home buyers will feel a bit lost. However, a simple home buying checklist can do a lot to clarify their doubts and ease stress. 

Therefore, offering free home buying checklists to your audience can be a great way to peak their interest in your services. Plus, it can boost your authority and improve your reputation as a real estate professional. 
Want to create your own branded home buying checklist using straightforward templates? Sign up for a Jigglar account today!

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