3 Email Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

Email campaigns can be an effective marketing strategy for cultivating leads. However, you’re probably not the only real estate agent sending emails to prospective clients. If you want to see an increase in conversions, you’ll need to make sure that your emails stand out in a crowded inbox. 

Fortunately, there are several ways to boost your email marketing campaign. For example, you can use our Jigglar templates to create stunning newsletters with informative content. Even a simple thing like addressing readers by name can help make a difference. 

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at email marketing and its importance for real estate agents. Then, we’ll share some tips to help you create emails that generate leads.

The Importance of Email Marketing for Your Real Estate Business

According to Mailerlite’s 2023 email marketing report, the real estate industry has an open rate of 41.59 percent and a click-through rate of 8.68 percent. These figures are higher than the average across industries, which means email is a particularly powerful tool for realtors. 

Unlike social media, where you publish a post and hope that it appears on people’s feeds, email enables you to reach out to your audience directly. In fact, this medium is 40 times more effective than Twitter and Facebook when it comes to acquiring new customers.

It’s also worth noting that a large portion of your email subscribers will already be interested in your services. For example, they might have come across your website and signed up for your newsletter to receive updates. This makes them more likely to convert than those who randomly see your ad on their Facebook feed. 

3 Email Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

Now that we’ve looked at the power of email marketing, let’s discuss a few good practices for using this strategy. 

1. Create helpful content

Many businesses use email marketing to promote offers and advertise their latest products or services. As a realtor, you’ll likely use it to share new listings in your local area.

At Jigglar, you’ll find pre-made newsletter templates for promoting new properties on the market:

Newsletter template by Jigglar

However, you’ll also want to share some non-promotional content. Otherwise, your subscribers might get tired of all the sales pitches and start ignoring your emails. 

For example, you could offer some tips for buying your first home or selling your house. Even here, you can use our Jigglar templates to create graphics for your emails (which you can repurpose for social media):

A Jigglar real estate template with tips

Providing helpful content will show readers that you care about their needs and that you’re not just after their money. Plus, it could help you increase your open rate, as your subscribers would likely want to read your next piece of advice when it arrives in their inbox. 

2. Personalize your emails

As mentioned earlier, email enables you to make direct contact with prospective clients. However, if your content is generic or impersonal, your efforts might go to waste. 

By personalizing your email content, you can build a stronger connection with your followers, and thus turn leads into clients. In fact, consumers are 80 percent more likely to convert when you offer a personalized experience.

A simple way to personalize your emails is to address recipients by their first names. This helps create a sense of familiarity and makes you seem more affable.

You’ll also want to make sure that your email content appeals to the specific needs of the recipient. As a realtor, you might create two mailing lists: one for home sellers and one for home seekers. 

For example, if you have a subscribe form on your site, you might include a field that requires users to state whether they’re looking to buy or sell a house. Then, each subscriber will be added to the respective list. 

Of course, this will probably entail more effort on your part, as you’ll need to create multiple campaigns for different audience segments. However, there are many tools that can help you automate the process.

For example, Mailchimp enables you to set up automated workflows tailored to your customers’ interests and behaviors. This means you can create your emails in advance and schedule them to go out at the right time, to the right person. 

3. Use a lot of visuals

Your email content should be presented in small digestible chunks. Many readers are put off by huge walls of text, and considering that the majority of people check their emails on their mobile phones, it’s even more important to keep things simple.

You can do this by using visuals in your emails. For example, instead of writing a paragraph with interesting facts about the local property market, you could present this information in an infographic.

Once again, you can use our Jigglar templates for this:

A Jigglar template with real estate statistics

If you’re using an informal tone in your emails, you could also add in a few GIFs for a dose of humor. These visuals can make your content more engaging – and memorable!


Email marketing can be a powerful tool for realtors. In fact, studies have shown that open and click-through rates are higher than average in the real estate industry. Plus, email tends to be more effective than social media when it comes to conversions. 

To recap, here are three email marketing tips for real estate agents:

  1. Create helpful content to show prospects that you care about their needs.
  2. Personalize your emails with segmentation. 
  3. Use a lot of visuals to make your emails more engaging. 

Are you ready to take your email campaign to the next level? Our Jigglar templates can help you create newsletters that convert. Sign up for a free trial today! 

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