How to Personalize Your Real Estate Marketing to Get More Listings

One of the biggest problems with modern marketing is that most of it feels mass-produced and sterile. There’s very little personalization going on in most ads, even online. That’s a huge missed opportunity because if there’s one thing that people hate is the feeling that they’re being pressed to buy or sell something.

As a realtor, you probably rely on multiple types of marketing to reach new customers. A lot of those marketing efforts can be personalized if you’re willing to go the extra mile. That means your customers will not feel like they’re just another random name and number on a spreadsheet.

In this article, we’ll discuss several ways to help you personalize your real estate marketing efforts. Let’s start by talking about local marketing.

Use Local Real Estate Marketing Templates

One of the easiest ways to personalize your marketing is to use different designs and copy for each neighborhood. Even if you’re not referring to customers by name, this approach is much better than using the same copy and marketing template for every different market.

Jigglar gives you access to a broad library of real estate templates designed to help you target specific locations. For example, you can use our suburb profile templates to help you showcase the different aspects of the real estate market in specific neighborhoods:

Personalize your real estate marketing

These types of templates include placeholders for specific suburbs and localities. Jigglar shows you precisely what parts of the copy you need to replace and you can do so in a matter of minutes using the platform’s text editor. The editor also enables you to replace images, so you can include your own headshot.

Create Seasonal Content

There are very few (if any) marketing campaigns you should run year-round. In most cases, you’ll get the best results by switching marketing campaigns often. This requires additional effort on your part, but there are ways to create relevant real estate marketing materials without spending too much time on the drawing board.

Seasonal content is your best friend if you want to try using a lot of different real estate marketing materials, such as flyers, mailers, and social media posts. After all there’s always a new season and holiday right around the corner.

Jigglar offers literally hundreds of real estate seasonal templates, including options for Christmas, New Year’s, Halloween, and pretty much every other holiday and season you can think of:

Christmas real estate marketing flyer

All you have to do is log in to your Jigglar account and search for the holiday you’re thinking of. Chances are you’ll find multiple template options you can customize and start showing to your customers right afterward.

Few things tie neighborhoods and suburbs together as much as contributing to the same local non-profits and charities. If there are any such organizations in a neighborhood, chances are that most of its inhabitants are aware about them and the work that they do.

As a local business, it’s always in good form to encourage others to donate to these charities. This applies particularly around the holidays when most people are more open to making charitable donations.

From time to time, we encourage you to divert your real estate marketing efforts toward encouraging people to donate to these organizations. This is a win-win as the organizations in question will get more donations and you get to include your business information in materials such as flyers, which means you can build awareness.

Offer Your Advice as an Expert in Real Estate

Don’t be shy about it, you’re probably what most people would call an expert in real estate. That’s a great thing since it enables you to offer clients the best possible advice on how to list their properties and what to buy. If you’re not capitalizing on your expertise when it comes to marketing, that’s a huge missed opportunity.

The Jigglar templates include a lot of options that enable you to share your expertise with others. For example, you can use this template to encourage homeowners to contact you and find out how much rent they could get for their properties:

With this type of marketing, it’s essential that you mention why people should reach out to you for real estate advice. Tell them how many years you’ve worked in real estate, how many people you’ve helped sell and buy properties, and while you’re at it, include an amazing headshot.

This type of marketing is very personal because it tells potential clients they can reach out to a real person to get their questions answered at any time. They’re not dealing with a faceless business but with an expert realtor that can help them take the next step, be it buying or selling a property.


Marketing is a key component for any modern business, including real estate. However, impersonal marketing can often hurt more than no marketing at all. Customers don’t like feeling like they’re seeing the same ads, flyers, and letters as everyone else is. If you want to stand out in the real estate business, you need to show customers that you’re uniquely positioned to help them and that’s where personalization comes in.

Jigglar offers you hundreds of real estate marketing templates you can easily customize and personalize. With a little work, you’ll have dozens of highly-personalized marketing campaigns ready to go, which are bound to help you get more listings.

If you’re ready to design a personalized real estate marketing campaign, sign up for Jigglar today. You can try the service for free and get to work on customizing your next flyers and social media ads right away!

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