3 Tips to Nail Direct Mail Marketing In Real Estate

Direct mail marketing can be tricky for any business to get right. Most people get so much direct mail they’re accustomed to ignoring sales offers and other materials without taking a second look at them. That means if you want potential customers to see your real estate flyers and postcards, they need to be amazing.

Nailing direct mail marketing will open up a lot of commercial opportunities for your business. A lot of potential clients might not be on social media or see ads online, but they won’t ignore a direct piece of marketing if it’s in their hands. To get there, though, you need to understand what makes some direct mail marketing materials stand out.

In this article, we’ll go over three tips to help you improve your real estate direct marketing materials. We’ll focus on both flyers and postcards, so you can decide which tips to apply and when. Let’s get to it!

1. Lead With Your Offer

One mistake a lot of postcard and flyer designers do is they don’t lead with their offer. People know they’re being sold on something, but they have to read an entire flyer to get to the actual meat of the offer. For a lot of people, that’s too much time to spend on marketing from a business they might not even know.

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If you take a look at the Jigglar library of marketing materials, you’ll notice most of our designs include direct and to-the-point Calls to Action (CTAs). That means the offer is the first thing that most people see. If they’re interested, they’ll want to keep reading and if not, you don’t take any more of their precious time.

It’s important to understand that direct mail marketing is a numbers game. Most people might not need the services of a realtor at the moment, but if you manage to grab their attention, they might keep your flyer or postcard around in case they need your services down the line.

2. Use Professional Real Estate Marketing Designs

Although a lot of businesses understand how powerful direct mail marketing can be, not a lot of them invest enough time and money in coming up with the perfect designs. Hiring a designer can be expensive and a lot of businesses might decide the rewards are not worth the expenditure.

The fact is, real estate leads are worth their weight in gold. Putting a little additional effort into creating real estate flyers and postcards that look stunning and make your company look good is definitely worth it.

Using a service such as Jigglar can be a fantastic alternative to hiring a professional designer. With Jigglar, you get access to thousands of real estate marketing templates you can use for all kinds of campaigns, including options for flyers and postcards:

Jigglar direct mail marketing materials

Jigglar enables you to customize designs using an intuitive editor. You can add and edit text and images, place icons, create QR codes that lead to your phone number, and much more. All of this without needing a background in design. However, if you can get a designer to help make sure your real estate flyers and postcards look good, it can definitely be worth it.

3. Keep Track of What Campaigns Work Best

Monitoring success rates is an essential part of marketing. You can design the best real estate marketing materials but if you’re not keeping track of what’s giving you the best results all of that effort can be for nothing.

The fact is, not every marketing material you send out will get you the same number of leads. Sometimes you’ll hit it out of the field with the right real estate postcard at the right time. Other times, you might spend days working on a flyer only for it to get you nothing except radio silence.

Understanding what type of marketing your customer base prefers can be an incredibly powerful tool. If you know what kind of language works and what offers people like, you can use that data when working on new campaigns.

Collecting this data should be relatively simple. When customers reach out to you, take a moment to ask how they found out about your services. Take note of which flyer or postcard they mention and keep that information in mind when you’re working on your next direct mail marketing campaign.


These days, most real estate agents focus solely on online marketing. Social media ads and email marketing can be powerful tools, but if you want to collect more leads, you need to take advantage of every channel at your disposal. That includes direct mail marketing.

“Nailing” direct mail marketing comes down to a few simple tips and having access to the right tools, such as Jigglar. Here’s what you need to keep in mind when working on your next direct mail campaign:

  1. Lead with your offer.
  2. Use professional real estate marketing designs (here’s where Jigglar comes in!).
  3. Keep track of what campaigns work best.

Are you ready to get to work on your next real estate direct mail marketing campaign? Try out Jigglar for free and check out our templates for real estate postcards and flyers.

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