3 Best Social Media Platforms for Real Estate

Any marketing strategy should come with a robust plan for social media. Essentially, if your real estate company isn’t on social media platforms, you’re likely missing out on an immense opportunity to expand your audience and grow your business.  

Fortunately, it’s relatively simple to create a presence on social media. Platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are prime grounds to market to potential homebuyers. Creating social content using Jigglar can help you lay the groundwork to broaden your reach and make your business stand out. 

In this post, we’ll discuss some key reasons to implement a social media strategy in your real estate marketing plan. Then, we’ll explore the best platforms to use, including tips along the way for how to use them. Let’s get to it!

Why Social Media is Vital for Real Estate Marketing

Social media is the ultimate tool for marketing your business. Over half the global population uses social media – around 4.7 billion people as of 2022. This makes it one of the best tools to leverage for growing a following.

It can have immense benefits for your real estate business. A survey revealed that 60 percent of real estate professionals consider social media to be more important for marketing than a company website.

Luckily, it’s pretty simple to create a presence for your real estate business on channels like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. These platforms allow you to use images and videos to promote properties while engaging with your audience. Take a look at this example on Costello Rural’s Instagram page:

The Costello Rural Instagram page displaying four different houses.

It shows four listings while motivating followers to interact with the post (by asking a question). This promotes homes and encourages low-commitment audience engagement at the same time. Creating this type of unique material on a regular basis is key to gaining a strong following, but it can be time-consuming.

Jigglar makes content creation easy by providing pre-made templates that you can edit and customize with your own headshot, logo, contact information, and more. This way, you can more easily cultivate an online presence in order to grow your following.

3 Best Social Media Platforms for Real Estate Marketing

Now that you know why social media is essential for promoting your business, it’s time to take a look at the top three social media platforms for real estate marketing. Let’s get to work!

1. Facebook

Facebook has the largest audience of any social media platform, coming in at over 2.9 million active users per month. Due to its wide reach and demographic range, it’s an excellent place to gather a following.

To promote your services on Facebook, you can create a page for your real estate business and invite people to like it. After that, you can start generating content that engages your new followers.

To make your material stand out, you can use one of Jigglar’s ready-made templates. For example, our Agent header allows you to present yourself and your services to your audience using a visually appealing banner:

The Jigglar Agent header template for Facebook.

This kind of template lets you include your company logo, agent headshot, and contact information. You can easily customize this heading with unique images and messaging depending on the services you want to highlight. This will instantly give your Facebook page a sleek and professional look.

2. YouTube

YouTube clocks in as the second most-used social media platform, with 2.5 million active monthly users. It’s an excellent channel to market your real estate services by uploading home walk-throughs and videos that introduce who you are and what you do:

Sotheby's International Realty YouTube Channel.

When it comes to engagement, YouTube states that 90 percent of the best-performing videos have custom thumbnails.

However, these can be challenging to create if you’re new to the platform. Jigglar has a YouTube video thumbnail that can help your videos get more clicks:

The Jigglar YouTube thumbnail.

You can edit this template by including your logo, adding eye-catching images of the property you’re selling, and writing an enticing caption. This may make potential buyers more likely to click on your content, exposing them to your business.

3. Instagram 

Instagram is an excellent place to market new properties and create image and video content. You can do this in several ways, namely through posts and stories.

Jigglar has Instagram templates that let you create customized material. You can use them to promote open houses, new properties, and client testimonials. This Instagram Stories template demonstrates how you can easily plug in the location, address, and time to announce an upcoming open house:

The Instagram story Jigglar template.

Then, you can add it to your company’s Instagram page to let your followers know when the open house is. There are plenty of other Instagram templates that let you easily promote a new listing or show off a property.


Social media is a crucial element of any successful real estate marketing strategy. By leveraging platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, you’ll be able to widen your reach and gain more clients. What’s more, Jigglar’s pre-made templates can help you efficiently promote your services and boost your reputation, which could translate into selling more homes.

To recap, here are the best social media platforms for your real estate business:

  1. Facebook. This channel has the largest user base of any platform. You can create a Facebook page to draw followers and display your services.
  2. YouTube. It’s great for promoting videos of recent listings. You may want to use a unique thumbnail to get more clicks.
  3. Instagram. This platform allows you to use images and videos to display homes. You can create stories and posts to engage with your audience.

Are you ready to jump into social media marketing for your real estate business? Sign up for a Jigglar free trial today to access our expansive library of social media templates!

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