4 Types of Real Estate Marketing Videos to Use

As a real estate professional, finding opportunities to reach new audiences and generate leads can be challenging. However, one effective strategy you might consider using is real estate marketing videos.

There are many reasons why you should use property listing videos to market your listings and services. Videos help buyers visualize themselves in a home and they can get a much clearer idea of what they’d be walking into if they decided to buy a home. Videos also give you an opportunity to demonstrate friendliness and professionalism in an engaging way.

In this post, we’ll discuss the reasons why you should consider using videos in your real estate marketing. Then we’ll provide you with four types of real estate marketing videos to use. Let’s jump in!

Why Use Real Estate Marketing Videos

Real estate marketing videos have become increasingly popular over the past few years. In fact, 90 percent of viewers say that they want to see more videos from brands and businesses. There are many reasons to consider using this format in your marketing to help promote your services and attract leads.

First, they are fun, engaging, and interesting. Most people enjoy watching videos. They’re also effective. People who watch your videos may remember the information better than if they had just read the listing descriptions.

Video marketing is also incredibly affordable. You don’t need to hire a professional videographer to create a video. You can record yourself talking about a property or yourself using your smartphone.

Videos are also easy to share. You can post them online across multiple platforms, and encourage your followers to share them as well.

If you’re looking to attract more people to your website, videos can also help. By optimizing your content with target titles and keywords, you can help boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

4 Types of Real Estate Marketing Videos to Use

Now that we understand the usefulness of marketing videos, let’s get into some of your options. Below are four types of real estate marketing videos you can use to help generate leads.

1. Home Tours

A home tour video is an excellent way to show potential buyers what they would get if they bought a property:

A real estate marketing video.

Home tour videos also provide much more context and information than simply using images does. You can record a video walking through the home and pointing out the various features and amenities. You could also use a drone to capture aerial footage of the house and then edit together a short video showing how beautiful the home really is.

2. Virtual Reality Tours

Virtual reality tours are also becoming increasingly popular among real estate agents. These videos allow potential buyers to experience your property before actually visiting it. If you have a 360-degree camera, you can create a virtual reality tour of your property:

A virtual reality tour video.

This is somewhat similar to a house tour. However, with a virtual reality tour, you let users experience and control the walk-through themselves.

3. About Me Videos

If you want a way to connect to your target audience and give potential clients a better sense of your personality, you can create an About Me video:

A real estate agent profile video.

These types of real estate marketing videos are an effective way of introducing yourself and explaining the types of services you offer. You can post it on your website and share it across social media platforms to help differentiate yourself from your competitors.

How to Promote Your Real Estate Marketing Videos

Once you create your real estate marketing video(s), the next step is to share and promote them. You can do this on your website as well as across social media platforms.

In addition, you can also incorporate the videos into your print marketing materials and flyers by using a QR code. At Jigglar, we offer a robust selection of real estate marketing templates. We also have a QR Code Generator tool that you can use to send users directly to your video when they scan the code:

The Jigglar dashboard.

You can easily add the QR code to any flyer and size and place it wherever you want. In addition to your website (or whichever platform you post your video to), you can also create QR codes that connect users to your phone number or email.


Real estate marketing can be tricky to master. However, a key strategy is to diversify the types of content you offer. This is why we recommend creating real estate marketing videos.

As we discussed in this post, there are plenty of videos you can use. Four of the most popular include:

  1. Home tours
  2. Virtual reality tours
  3. Property listing videos
  4. About me videos

Are you ready to get started with your real estate video marketing promotions? Sign up for a free Jigglar trial account today and get access to our extensive library of real estate marketing templates!

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