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7 Fall/Autumn Real Estate Flyers To Get Listings (Fresh Templates)

Thanks to the pumpkin spice craze, most of us already know about the power of fall scents, and by extension, seasonal marketing. Experienced realtors will likely tell you that you may miss out on potential profits if you don’t capitalize on trends with fall real estate flyers.

Fortunately, fall real estate flyers can provide the foundation for your autumn marketing campaign. With the right collection of customizable real estate templates from Jigglar, you can make a greater impact on future customers.

In this post, we’ll discuss why you may want to consider autumn real estate flyers. Then, we’ll introduce seven gorgeous fall templates to attract new clients this season. Let’s begin!

Why You May Want to Consider Using Fall Real Estate Flyers to Get Listings

Many experts agree that fall marketing works. This is true no matter your industry:

Pumpkin spice latte recipe.

While you may not be able to leverage a pumpkin spice latte to get listings, you can certainly utilize other seasonal tactics. Furthermore, many people say that during the holidays is a good time to sell a house.

You could promote that you’ll help stage homes as ultra-cozy during the autumn months and even burn a cinnamon candle to make potential buyers feel at home. Additionally, while you may not see the same numbers as in the spring or summer, you may be dealing with more serious clients.

Instead of disregarding the fall months as quiet, you should take the advantage to reach a smaller pool of buyers (and sellers) who may be more determined to strike deals. Moreover, you can have fun with the concept by using rich seasonal colors, humor, and more.

7 Autumn/Fall Real Estate Flyers to Get Listings

Now let’s take a look at seven of our eye-catching fall real estate flyers to get listings!

1. Fall Is Coming

You may want to use this template now or save it for next fall. Remember, a good leaf pun is timeless:

Fall is coming fall real estate template on Jigglar.

In addition to the artful wordplay, this visually stunning flyer draws in the audience using the familiar autumn hues of gold, orange, and red. It is also conveniently styled for a Facebook post, so you can easily use it in social media marketing.

2. Things Change

This vibrant design appeals to the reader’s natural desire to accept the shifting seasons of life:

'Things change' fall real estate flyer on Jigglar.

Buying or selling a new home is a significant change. However, comparing this transition to organic natural changes (like leaves turning red) may stir even the most hesitant folks to action.

This example is also Facebook-ready and features space to incorporate your logo easily. You never know; this fiery red template may be the Call-To-Action (CTA) that your future client needs.

3. Coloring Competition

A coloring competition may be a hit if you’re targeting homeowners with children. It provides a fun activity for kids while helping spread the word about your business:

Fall real estate template on Jigglar.

Both options of this template display the same charming drawing that’s ready to print on A4 paper. Depending on your preference (and country), you can select the page that says “Autumn”, or “Fall”, at the top.

When choosing this design, make sure you’re prepared with prizes. The process is pretty similar if you’re familiar with running a giveaway. You might also want to lean into the fall theme and offer seasonal treats, costumes, or gift cards as rewards.

4. Move to Somewhere Warmer

Promoting greener pastures or warmer weather is almost always a good marketing strategy. This chilly yet striking flyer is crafted to appeal to users on Instagram:

Winter Instagram template on Jigglar.

This template also provides an excellent opportunity to boost engagement on your Instagram account. Posing a question in your copywriting may get the reaction you’re looking for.

Also, as with any other template in Jigglar, you can swap out the image here, using our simple editing tools. That way, you can help your audience see themselves reflected in the picture. Since you can create many versions of the same post, you may expand your client base this way.

5. Warming Up for Winter

This DL template can create an envelope-size fall real estate flyer. It will likely be a smash hit with the dog-owners in your area:

Letter size fall real estate flyer on Jigglar.

Due to its dimensions, this option is great if you’re looking to send out adorable hard copy flyers in the mail. This cute CTA coupled with the convenience of the QR code may be just what buyers need to take the leap and reach out. Additionally, don’t forget, you can now use our new QR code generator to modernize any template!

6. Sold By Winter

This US Letter template utilizes one of the most effective persuasive strategies: urgency. It may be a good choice for newer realtors who are hoping to generate leads by providing their valuable market opinions:

Sold by winter real estate flyer on Jigglar.

This is a more traditional, text-heavy template, but it’s full of helpful information. Offering value upfront is still a highly effective way to make new connections.

7. Winter is Coming

This one is for the Game of Thrones fans in the crowd. If you’re not afraid to leverage humor as well as pop culture, this one is for you:

Winter is coming Instagram template on Jigglar.

You never know; you may be able to strike up a conversation about the popular tv show that made this phrase iconic. This template is also sized for Instagram, so you may even stir up a memorable discussion in the comments!


We know that planning your fall marketing campaign may not be high on your to-do list. However, with all the possible benefits, you may want to prioritize it soon. Additionally, seasonal advertising can be a breeze with our custom autumn templates.

A successful autumn strategy should embrace the season’s colors, smells, and humor. If you capitalize on these classic fall elements, you’re likely to make a lasting impact.

Do you want access to stunning fall real estate flyer templates for all your marketing needs? Sign up for a free Jigglar trial account today to choose from our wide selection!

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