4 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

The holiday season is a fantastic time to engage with your audience and build relationships. However, creating a holiday real estate marketing strategy that is both festive and effective can be tricky.

Fortunately, there are various creative ways to leverage the holidays to promote your business. For instance, you can send out custom holiday cards, write a seasonal newsletter, or run a holiday giveaway. Plus, when you use templates, you can produce your holiday-themed real estate marketing materials more effectively.

In this post, we’ll discuss four ways to promote your real estate business during the holidays using Jigglar. Let’s get started!

1. Custom Holiday Cards

When it comes to holiday real estate marketing, sending custom cards is an excellent way to enhance brand recognition and keep your business top-of-mind for your clients and prospects.

Jigglar has various templates you can use to effortlessly design one-of-a-kind seasonal cards. You can search our template library using the keyword “holiday”, or choose a generic template and replace a background image with something festive:

Exterior of a realtor holiday card

You can also easily insert your logo and modify colors to match your brand when creating your holiday card. This way, clients won’t have to guess who sent the card.

Opting for holiday imagery over professional headshots will keep your card feeling cheerful. Finally, it’s important to include a special message to let clients know you appreciate them:

Inside message of a realtor holiday card

Sending custom cards that convey well wishes around the holidays can help you stay connected to your clients and show that you care about more than just their business.

2. Holiday Newsletters

Newsletters offer another terrific way to market your business during the holidays. Like holiday cards, newsletters can help enhance brand recognition and aid you in maintaining regular contact with potential clients. Furthermore, newsletters are a great way to share information and drive traffic to your website.

You can use one of Jigglar’s templates to create an engaging newsletter and then send it to your contact list:

An example of a holiday real estate newsletter made with a Jigglar template

In your newsletter, you’ll want to include relevant and useful information.

For instance, holiday-friendly home repair projects and other seasonal real estate tips can be helpful to your clients. Additionally, you can make it more festive by adding local business spotlights and ways to volunteer and give back during the holidays.

3. Social Media Contests and Giveaways

Giveaways and social media contests are also phenomenal when it comes to holiday real estate marketing. Using social media, you can boost brand awareness, engage with your audience, and attract new prospects. Furthermore, the fact that your followers can win a prize may entice them to participate more than they usually would.

Social media giveaways are often popular because they don’t require a lot of commitment from the participants. Typically, you’ll ask your followers to perform simple tasks, such as liking a photo, tagging a friend in the comments, or re-sharing a post.

Then, the winners are randomly selected after the entry period is closed. Entering giveaways is easy, and there is no judging needed to crown the winner:

An Instagram giveaway is an excellent holiday real estate marketing strategy

If you want to further engage your audience and cultivate a festive community event, you might try hosting a contest. For example, you could host a coloring competition:

Hosting a festive coloring contest on social media can be an excellent holiday real estate marketing strategy

This is an excellent way to engage real estate prospects with young children. Plus, Jigglar offers plenty of seasonal designs just for this purpose.

This type of contest may require a bit more work, but it may also reap more benefits. With a festive competition, you’ll need to judge entries and then ideally provide a worthy reward.

Whether you’re hosting a giveaway or a contest, Jigglar’s templates make holiday real estate marketing simple. You can choose from several fully customizable Facebook and Instagram templates to engage with followers and fast-track your promotional efforts.

4. Festive Open House Events

Putting on a festive open house event is another great way to tap into the holiday spirit. After all, the holidays are the coziest (and happiest) time of the year.

Once you get approval from the homeowners, you can decorate a listing with twinkle lights, tinsel, and other joyful touches. During the open house, you might want to offer up seasonal refreshments and snacks. You can even light a seasonal candle or play holiday music to set the tone.

This way, potential buyers can get a sense of what their future home could look like around the holidays. Jigglar has a variety of open-house templates you can easily customize to create an invitation for this type of festive event:

Market a holiday open house using a customizable Jigglar template

You may want to send the invitation to your clients and prospects via email or direct mail (or both). If you want to attract more clients, you can also advertise the open house on your social media profiles.


The holidays can be a hectic season for real estate agents. However, it’s also a fantastic time to foster relationships with existing clients and generate new leads.

To recap, here are four effective ways to market your real estate business during the holiday season:

  1. Send custom holiday cards.
  2. Distribute holiday newsletters.
  3. Organize a social media contest or giveaway.
  4. Host a festive open house.

Are you ready to jumpstart your holiday real estate marketing? Sign up for a Jigglar free trial and gain access to our user-friendly templates today!

Image credit: Pexels.

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