How to Create a Quarterly Real Estate Marketing Review

A quarterly marketing review can benefit your real estate business in many ways. It can help increase your credibility through testimonials and boost your brand’s image. Plus, preparing one requires you to stay up to date with the latest market trends. However, it can be challenging to create reviews that are not only educational but also eye-catching. 

Luckily, Jigglar’s pre-designed templates can help you create stunning marketing reviews to impress your potential clients. With Jigglar, you don’t need any graphic design experience. Our software is easy to use and we take care of all the creative details for you. 

In this post, we’ll share our best tips for creating a quarterly real estate marketing review. We’ll also showcase some of our beautiful templates along the way. Let’s get started!

Tips for Creating Your Quarterly Real Estate Marketing Review 

Now, let’s take a look at some tips to help you create informative and beautiful marketing reviews.

1. Create Visually Appealing Reports 

Although numbers and sales are important, you can make your marketing reports stand out by investing a bit of time and effort into their appearance. Adding useful visuals to your copy can make your content more valuable and entertaining.

Furthermore, visuals can attract and engage audiences in a unique way. In fact, industry professionals consider video/visuals to be one of the most effective marketing tactics.

Jigglar enables you to create reports, social media posts, ebooks, and more. Plus, all our templates can be easily modified, so you don’t need to be an expert to achieve this:

Jigglar marketing templates for real estate agents

We even offer a dedicated Quarterly Real Estate Marketing Review template with all you need to get started. You can customize the design to suit your branding and upload your own images:

Page 1 of Quarterly Marketing Review template by Jigglar

You’d be wise to include your logo so that your audience can easily identify your brand. On a cover page like the above, you could also add links to other branded content to boost the chances of driving traffic to your website.

2. Provide an Update on Your Local Housing Market

One of the main aims of producing a marketing review is to inform your target market. You can do this by sharing data about house prices and recent sales. You might also choose to make this more personal by adding in your own opinions and recommendations.

For example, you could discuss when you think the market might pick up, or suggest up-and-coming neighborhoods to keep an eye on. Our quarterly review template features a dedicated page for discussing updates on the local housing market:

Page 2 of Quarterly Marketing Review template by Jigglar

You might also use one of these sections to spotlight data that supports your statements. In a small market, you could turn to the local government to access public housing records. However, in cities, you should be able to find statistics from major housing reports like those released by the National Association of Realtors.

3. Highlight Your Major Properties Sales

Most of your site visitors likely come to your website to check out listings in the local area. Therefore, you might consider making this easy for them by sharing some of the noteworthy properties in the neighborhood.

You could aim to include houses you’ve already sold to showcase your abilities. However, it’s also a good idea to feature available properties to generate interest.

Our quarterly review template features a page for highlighting your most impressive sales. Plus, it’s easy to swap out our image holders for your own high-quality photos:

Page 3 of Quarterly Marketing Review template by Jigglar

Prospective home buyers like to see examples of residences in a community. As such, this type of page allows you to provide a glimpse into the best examples to stir curiosity. This can also increase your chances of gaining loyal visitors who might routinely search the local listings on your site.

4. Give an Overview of Your Quarterly Sales 

While some of your visitors might take an active interest in local real estate, it’s important to cater to those who are looking only for the most important bits of information. For example, a prospective client might not want to read through your entire marketing review. Instead, they may want the proof that ensures you’re the best real estate agent to work with:

Page 5 of Quarterly Marketing Review template by Jigglar

When you boast a “Fast Facts” page, you can highlight your quarterly sales with clear figures and statistics that will speak for themselves. Consider filling a page like this with average sale prices, auction rate clearance rates, and the number of sales you secured last quarter. This way, you can cater to prospective buyers and sellers who simply want to skim-read your content to find what they’re looking for.

5. Increase Trust with Testimonials

Finally, you might consider featuring testimonials from local buyers and sellers that you’ve worked with to boost your credibility and increase trust. This also bolsters any data you provide and promotes you personally as an agent.

You can choose to feature quotes from people you’ve worked with and utilize star ratings. This format makes this information clear, accessible, and easy to skim:

Page 6 of Quarterly Marketing Review template by Jigglar

Plus, you can even include a brief agent profile to introduce yourself. This can help you forge better relationships with your clients and further showcase your personality.


Although it’s important to create quarterly marketing reviews for your real estate business, it can be challenging to make them look as beautiful as they are informative. Fortunately, with Jigglar, you get access to a ton of professionally-designed templates to create reviews that will impress your prospects.

To recap, here are five tips to create a quarterly real estate marketing review:

  1. Create visually appealing reports.
  2. Provide an update on your local housing market.
  3. Highlight your major property sales.
  4. Give an overview of your quarterly sales.
  5. Increase trust with testimonials.

Are you ready to get started with your real estate marketing review? Sign up for a free trial with Jigglar to get access to our extensive library of templates!

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