Spring Cleaning Ideas: How to Freshen Up Your Real Estate Marketing

Even the best marketing campaigns and materials have a limited shelf life. After a while, customers can grow tired of seeing the same real estate marketing flyers and social media ads. Doing a “spring cleaning” for your real estate marketing can be a great way to bring in new leads.

By spring cleaning, we mean creating new marketing materials that will bring customers to you. Here are some real estate marketing tips that will help you reach new potential customers!

Take Stock of Your Real Estate Marketing Materials

Before you get to work on creating new marketing materials, it’s important to take stock of your current campaigns. That means asking questions such as:

  • What type of marketing materials is the business focusing on?
  • Are we re-using the same copy for our flyers and ads?
  • Are our marketing materials focused on specific events, seasons, or holidays?

Seasonal real estate marketing materials should be the first to go when you’re trying to freshen up campaigns. As an example, there’s no reason to keep distributing real estate Christmas flyers if you’re already well into the new year:

A Christmas real estate flyer

The great news is that if you have seasonal marketing materials that did well with clients, you can simply save them until that season rolls back around. When that time comes, you can use Jigglar to refresh the copy and make sure that your flyers, ads, and postcards still look amazing.

After taking stock of your marketing campaigns, you should have two lists. One will be the materials that you want to pause and the second is for the ones that you can keep using.

Look for Seasonal and Event Opportunities for New Marketing Materials

There’s always a holiday around the bend and every special occasion offers you the opportunity to freshen up your real estate marketing. With Jigglar, you get access to a broad collection of real estate templates for every season of the year:

A seasonal real estate postcard

Customizing and editing real estate marketing templates using Jigglar is simple. With most templates, you simply have to upload a good realtor headshot, include your contact information, and add your logo.

Branch Out Into New Marketing Channels

One mistake that a lot of realtors make is focusing on a single marketing channel. If you have a decent following, channels such as Facebook and Instagram can bring in a lot of business. However, you’re leaving potential clients on the table by focusing all of your efforts on social media.

Real estate flyers and postcards might seem old-school, but they can be relatively cheap ways to target very specific neighborhoods. Printing a few hundred postcards or flyers can translate to a handful of new leads, which more than offsets marketing costs.

A real estate postcard inciting owners to sell

The best way to grow a real estate business is to branch your marketing into new channels. Running multiple marketing campaigns at once might sound intimidating, but Jigglar enables you to create designs easily. If you remove design costs from the equation, creating new marketing materials becomes much simpler.

Try New Marketing Copy

If you’ve been doing real estate marketing for a while, it can be easy to fall into the trap of reusing the same copy for most of your materials. After all, if it works, why change it?

Even small changes in copy can lead to drastically improved lead conversion numbers. If you have marketing campaigns that haven’t performed as well as you like, it can be a great idea to try refreshing their copy.

A real estate flyer discussing free property management

There are several real estate “power” words that you should try incorporating into your copy as often as possible. One great example is the word “free”. Include that word into a flyer and it’s sure to catch people’s attention.


Even the best real estate marketing campaigns can do with a refresh from time to time. That means phasing out old flyers, postcards, and ads and trying new materials. New real estate marketing materials will help you bring in additional leads and existing customers and followers will be hard-pressed to ignore them.

If you’re planning on refreshing your real estate marketing, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Take stock of your real estate marketing materials.
  2. Look for seasonal and event opportunities for new marketing materials.
  3. Branch out into new marketing channels.
  4. Try new marketing copy.

Are you ready to get to work on new marketing for your real estate business? Try Jigglar for free and get access to a massive library of real estate templates that you can customize.

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