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6 Eye-Catching Real Estate Flyer Examples (2021 Updated)

Flyers can be an effective way to get the word out about your services. However, it’s important to strike the right tone and share the most pertinent details with potential clients, which is why you may be looking for some real estate flyer examples for inspiration.

Fortunately, at Jigglar, we have plenty of real estate flyer templates available to help you launch eye-catching campaigns. Just pop your contact information and other details in and your handouts will be ready to go.

In this post, we’ve rounded up some of our best real estate flyer examples to share with you. Let’s dive right in!

1. Just Listed

A Just Listed real estate flyer.

‘Just Listed’ real estate flyers can help you deliver news of your latest listings right to potential buyers’ doors. Who knows – you might even alert someone that their dream home is on the market!

Key elements to incorporate include a nice big photo of the home in question, the list price, and of course, your contact information. You can send these flyers out to residents in the area who might be interested in moving, display them in your office for buyers coming through to browse, or even pass them out to open house attendees so they won’t forget any details about the property.

2. Open House

An open house flyer.

Speaking of open houses, you might want to use flyers to advertise yours. This can be an excellent way to get interested house hunters through the door so they can see all the top features of your listing up close and personal.

Again, a flashy header photo can be highly beneficial here. Plus, you’ll want to make sure recipients know how to get in touch with you, either to discuss the property in more detail after the big event, or to schedule a private showing instead.

Exclusive language such as “invitation” and “VIP” can help make your open house sound exciting and intriguing to potential attendees. Everyone likes to feel special, so make an effort to personalize your flyers to tap into that desire.

3. Past Results Showcase

A flyer featuring a real estate agent's past sales.

Establishing your credibility as a real estate agent is vital if you’re going to grow your client list. Showcasing some of your recent successes can help with this.

The next of our real estate flyer examples to consider is a ‘Past Results’ flyer. You can hand these out to potential clients or even distribute them throughout your target area. Think of this as sharing your portfolio. Include some of your most recent sales, as well as a testimonial or two from happy clients.

4. Selling Season

A selling season real estate flyer.

If you’re looking to generate hype for the spring selling season, you can create flyers for that, too. This is a prime opportunity to encourage any potential sellers who are on the fence to finally list their properties.

This template emphasizes the benefits of the selling season and includes a Call To Action (CTA) that offers to send interested parties a market value update. A flyer like this one may help you get your foot in the door with new clients.

5. Agent Profile

An agent profile template.

Building credibility with potential clients is key. They’re entrusting you with an important investment, and they’ll want to be sure that you have the skills and experience to help them achieve their goals.

A real estate agent profile flyer can introduce you to potential clients and reassure them that you can deliver. Try including some details about your track record, such as the number of properties you’ve sold in the past year, your highest sale price, and other impressive statistics.

You might also consider including a short bio about yourself to help recipients get to know you on a more personal level.

6. Area Profiles

An area profile flyer.

Alternatively, instead of introducing yourself to potential clients, you could introduce them to your target area. This type of flyer is a chance to highlight all the best features of the town, suburb, or neighborhood in which you’re trying to sell properties.

Your area profile flyer should include some imagery that showcases the personality of the location, as well as data related to recent sales and property values. It’s also useful to highlight any local knowledge you have, and your current promotional offer (if you have one).


Real estate flyers can be a great asset to your business. Whether you’re hoping to connect with new clients, promote your latest listing, or attract attendees to your open house, there’s a Jigglar template for you.

In this post, we shared six real estate flyer examples for you to consider:

  1. Just Listed flyers: For sharing information on your latest listing.
  2. Open House flyers: To invite prospective buyers to view your client’s property.
  3. Past Results Showcase flyers: Can demonstrate your successes.
  4. Selling Season flyers: To alert potential sellers that the time is right to list.
  5. Agent Profile flyers: For introducing yourself to and building trust with future clients.
  6. Area Profile flyers: To share the best parts of your target area with prospective buyers.

Ready to get started with your next real estate flyer? Sign up for a free Jigglar account to access high-quality templates!

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