How to Advertise Properties for Rent: A Guide for Realtors

If you’re a real estate professional looking to expand your business, offering property management services can be an excellent strategy. However, in order to gain clients who are looking for this option, you’ll need to adjust your real estate marketing efforts. Therefore, you might be wondering how to advertise properties for rent.

The good news is that promoting rental properties is pretty similar to traditional real estate advertising. Still, you’ll want to take special care when announcing this new service. You should also be prepared with a proposal and showcase your expertise once you’ve landed a few deals.

In this post, we’ll discuss why realtors should advertise properties for rent. Then, we’ll explore four key strategies you can use and how Jigglar templates can help you. Let’s get to it!

Why Realtors Should Advertise Properties for Rent

When you’re working as a traditional real estate agent, your job is to help clients buy and sell properties. Your success is largely dependent upon the number of clients you can bring in as well as the value of each property.

However, the housing market isn’t always stable, which can negatively impact your revenue. With this in mind, realtors can safeguard their business by diversifying their offerings. Property management can be an excellent way to do this.

This opens doors to an entirely new demographic of clients – homeowners who don’t want to deal with the headache of managing their own properties. Plus, since customers with investment real estate can afford to outsource, you may even be able to break into luxury property management:

The website for the Los Angeles Property Management Group - Luxury property management services.

Additionally, property management services can be a great way to ‘cross-sell’ to your existing customers. If one of your clients starts to become frustrated because their house isn’t selling, you can encourage them to turn it into a rental instead.

On the flip side, homeowners with rental properties may eventually decide they want to sell. If they’ve already worked with you as a property manager (and are happy with your services), you’ll likely be the first person they call when they want to post a listing.

It’s important to have a good idea of what type of tasks you want to take on for your client. You may want to simply advertise properties and help people secure reliable tenants.

Alternatively, you might decide to offer a full package of property management services. This could be especially useful when you’re facing a lull in other areas of your business.

4 Strategies for Advertising Properties for Rent

Now let’s check out some strategies for advertising properties for rent!

1. Market Your Property Management Services

As we mentioned, real estate agents often stick to buying and selling. Therefore, if you want to advertise properties for rent, you’ll need to make it very clear that you offer this service. Otherwise, it might be difficult to find clients.

First, you’ll want to be sure to advertise this service on your professional website. However, you’ll likely generate more leads by promoting your services on social media.

Jigglar comes with tons of templates to help you do this. For example, you could advertise a free consultation on Facebook or Instagram:

Template for marketing your property management services on social media

What’s more, the Jigglar editor makes it super easy to swap in your own professional portrait, real estate logo, and personal details. Other Jigglar templates allow you to offer introductory deals like the following:

Jigglar template for an introductory deal for property management services

Weary landlords will likely find this promotion difficult to resist!

2. Have a Property Management Proposal

After you start advertising your property management services, you’ll want to be prepared for client inquiries. If this is your first time managing properties, you might now know how to tackle these requests.

Jigglar provides templates for complete property management proposals:

Property management proposal cover sheet

The cover page above belongs to a 12-page template that includes everything from your mission statement to the particulars of your property management services:

Property management proposal details

You can easily modify this template to reflect your own policies.

Providing a document with this level of detail can help gain customers’ trust. Not to mention, it can be a great way to kick off a positive professional relationship based in transparency and open lines of communication.

3. Advertise the Rental Property

Once you’ve signed a few official agreements, you’re ready to advertise properties for rent! This part of the process is most similar to traditional real estate marketing. You’ll want to include high-quality photos and help your client present the property in its best light.

Still, there are some crucial differences. For example, you’ll want to include the price per week or month:

Keep in mind that with Jigglar, you can easily customize colors, fonts, and more in order to match your visual brand:

Using brand colors when advertising properties for rent

This way, you can make a positive impression and provide a consistent user experience.

4. Showcase Your Property Management Expertise

After you have some experience under your belt, you’ll want to leverage this expertise. You can showcase your success stories in order to build credibility and gain even more leads and clients.

Jigglar makes this easy with templates like the following:

Announcing recent properties for rent

With this simple design, you can let your social media following know that you’re managing properties in their neighborhood. If you’d like to send out a more official announcement with additional details, you might try the following full-page document:

"Just Leased" Jigglar template

This template allows you to include photos of the property as well as interesting statistics like the number of tenant inquiries and applications.

This option can be good for former or current clients who may not be aware that you offer this service. Therefore, you could send it to your email subscribers or add it to your website.


Diversifying your real estate portfolio by adding property management services can be a great way to increase your earnings and grow your business. However, if you’re new to this aspect of real estate, you might not be sure how to advertise rental properties.

To recap, here are four key strategies you can use to advertise properties for rent:

  1. Market your property management services.
  2. Have a property management proposal.
  3. Advertise the rental property.
  4. Showcase your expertise.

Are you ready to begin advertising rental properties for your clients? Sign up for a Jigglar free trial today and get started!

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