3 Ways to Automate Real Estate Marketing and Get More Leads

If you’re a budding real estate agent, you probably don’t have the luxury of a dedicated marketing team. As a result, you may find yourself struggling to find new leads. Therefore, you might be looking into real estate marketing automation.

The good news is that there are a few simple ways you can automate your real estate marketing to maximize your results. For example, you can use a social media scheduling tool or implement a chatbot on your website.

In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of real estate marketing automation. Then, we’ll share three useful strategies to help you get started. Let’s get to it!

The Benefits of Real Estate Marketing Automation

Before we show you how to get started with real estate marketing automation, let’s go over the benefits of taking this approach. According to Zapier, there are plenty of ways that automation can help nurture leads.

Primarily, when you offload certain manual tasks, you can boost your productivity and keep people engaged. What’s more, Forbes says that implementing automation strategies can lead to significant increases in revenue.

Now, if you’re an automation skeptic, you may be concerned that transitioning might hurt the user experience (UX). However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, many experts believe that automation improves the customer experience in a variety of ways. For instance, it can provide people with quicker responses and personalized content.

3 Ways to Automate Real Estate Marketing and Get More Leads

Now that you know a bit about the benefits of real estate marketing automation, let’s go over three strategies that can help you win more leads!

1. Streamline Your Email Campaigns

In order to run a successful email campaign, you’ll need to have at least a few email leads already. But, as we discussed, one of the main ways that automation can help you gain leads overall is by freeing up your time and maximizing your current efforts.

If you’re doing your email campaign the right way, you’re likely sending lots of mass follow ups, seasonal messages, reminders, and more. Therefore, writing individual messages manually is probably a huge time suck.

To win that time back, you might consider using a trusted email marketing tool like Mailchimp:

Mailchimp can help you automate real estate marketing for email

Mailchimp is highly beginner friendly and can enable you to drastically improve your email marketing strategy. For instance, it can help you refine your email campaigns using audience segmentation and A/B testing.

Most importantly though, it lets you use advanced automation to create drip campaigns. These sophisticated email campaigns can be triggered by user behavior like signing up for a webcast or engaging with your support team.

Plus, using automation, Mailchimp lets you create a more personalized experience for potential clients. As an example, you can create a birthday message for everyone on your mailing list. Or, you might make smaller, custom lists and recommend them new property listings based on their preferences.

2. Schedule Social Media Posts

In this day and age, one of the best ways to grow your audience and get leads is using social media. This is true no matter your industry. For real estate, you probably have business profiles on the most popular platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.

However, manually posting on social media on a daily basis can take a lot of time. Plus, it’s not the most efficient approach.

Content batching for social media can be a lot more effective. Then, you can use a scheduling tool like Buffer to automate this process:

Buffer can help you with real estate marketing automation for social media posts

And, if you really want to maximize your social media strategy, you can use Jigglar templates.

Jigglar offers pre-designed real estate templates specifically for social media. You’ll find formats for posts, stories, banners, and more.

For example, Jigglar has tons of new agent profile post templates that you can use to introduce yourself to your followers:

A real estate agent profile Jigglar template for social media

You can easily swap in your own portrait, logo, and contact information. Additionally, you can use Jigglar templates to share your real estate statistics and boost your reputation:

A real estate agent report template for social media

You can even choose from a wide assortment of seasonal and holiday templates to encourage engagement with your potential leads:

A holiday template for social media

What’s more, the Jigglar editor makes it super easy to modify elements like colors, fonts, and more. This way, you can easily create content that matches your brand – in record time!

3. Implement a Chatbot

Ideally, you’d have all the time in the world to attend to your potential clients. Unfortunately though, that’s humanly impossible. Plus, you deserve a break from time to time.

That’s where a chatbot can come in handy. Chatbots are extremely popular for online businesses:

An example of a chatbot on a website

If you have a real estate website, you might want to consider getting one. That’s because they can serve as the first point of contact with a new lead, and help to reel them in.

While nothing beats the one-on-one attention you can provide, chatbots can be configured to provide helpful introductory information. Or, they can re-direct eager clients when you’re out of the office. There are tons of chatbot options out there, so you’ll want to research them depending on your budget and unique needs.


If you want to win real estate leads without cutting too much into your current schedule or budget – real estate marketing automation may be the solution for you. When you automate certain processes, you can boost your visibility and reach more potential clients.

To recap, here are three ways you can automate your real estate marketing to get more leads:

  1. Streamline your email campaigns.
  2. Schedule social media posts.
  3. Implement a chatbot.

Want to ramp up your social media strategy using Jigglar templates? Sign up for a free trial today!

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