5 New Year’s Resolutions for Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent, you probably already have a few trusted sales tactics. However, if you want to propel your agency to the next level this year, you’ll need to think outside the box with new marketing strategies.

Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to step up your marketing efforts this year. By setting some new year’s resolutions for real estate agents, you’ll be well on the way to landing new clients and selling more properties.

In today’s guide, we’ll explore five new year’s resolutions for real estate agents. Let’s jump in!

1. Post Consistently on Social Media

Social media platforms provide plenty of opportunities to advertise your properties, find new leads, and connect with your existing client base. You’re probably already using sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to promote your agency.

In the new year, it’s time to take things one step further by vowing to post more consistently. The more posts you can publish across various platforms, the more opportunities you’ll have to get eyes on your content and people interested in your agency.

So, how often should you post on social media? Sprout Social suggests that 1-2 times per day per platform is ideal. In fact, most businesses post on social media 11 times per day, split across multiple platforms.

Fortunately, Jigglar makes it easy to choose from and customize a bunch of social media templates. These include Instagram Stories for new listings, Facebook infographic posts, and holiday-specific marketing materials for each platform:

An example of an Instagram Story template from Jigglar.

It’s also worth using a content-scheduling tool like Buffer or HootSuite. Then, you can create all your posts at the start of the week (or month) and schedule them for publication throughout the week.

2. Generate New Leads for Your Agency

Generating leads is another essential new year’s resolution for real estate agents. After all, your business won’t be able to grow if you can’t find potential buyers and sellers of properties in your area.

There are a few ways to generate new leads for your agency, including:

For example, you might run a competition where new clients will go into the draw for a prize:

Running a giveaway to collect more real estate leads.

We recommend setting a specific goal for how many leads you want to generate for your aim. For instance, you might aim to come up with ten new leads every month. That way, you’ll be able to measure more accurately if your approaches are working.

3. Create a Real Estate Newsletter

Creating a real estate newsletter is one of the best ways to generate new leads, share your expertise and news with readers, and build ongoing client relationships.

Furthermore, real estate promotional emails have an average open rate of 19.17%. This provides plenty of opportunities to engage with your readers. Plus, subscribers are already expressing an interest in your agency, so it’s easier to convert them into paying customers or win their business.

You can include various materials in your newsletters, including industry news, infographics, sales trends, and quizzes. For example, you might utilize a real estate marketing infographic to show how much clients could expect for their homes:

Real estate infographic from Jigglar

To get more sign-ups for your newsletter, you’ll want to advertise it prominently on your agency website. You could even offer a free resource, such as a free consultation, to new subscribers.

4. Make More Videos

Creating more videos is another great new year’s resolution for real estate agents. While social media posts and flyers can be eye-catching, they lack some of the engaging features of videos.

There are several approaches you can take to creating real estate videos, including:

  • Walk-throughs of your current listings
  • “A day in the life” videos
  • Clips focused on selling tips

For instance, some luxury estate agents gain popularity on YouTube by taking viewers through high-value properties and linking to the listings in the video descriptions:

Mansion tour on Facebook

You could follow the same approach by starting a YouTube channel, targeting real estate-specific keywords in your content, and creating high-quality clips. Alternatively, you might share videos directly on your website to make it look more professional and feel more engaging.

If you want your videos to stand out, you’ll need to invest in a high-quality camera and write engaging scripts. It could also be worth investing in premium editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro.

5. Build Relationships with Local Businesses

Finally, focusing on building relationships with local businesses could be a great new year’s resolution for your real estate agency. This is especially true if you’re based in a smaller town or tight-knit community.

There are a few approaches you could take here. Why not ask local construction businesses, hardware stores, painters, and plumbers to send leads your way? In exchange, you could refer clients who are looking to construct or renovate their existing homes to those same businesses. You might even offer a discount coupon to new customers to sweeten the deal.

If you want to build meaningful professional relationships, it’s worth approaching businesses in person or over the phone. An email could feel a little impersonal, especially if you’re trying to install a stronger sense of community.


The new year provides opportunities to shake up your real estate agency marketing strategy. By setting clear goals and expanding your comfort zone, you should be able to generate more leads and land more clients.

To recap, here are five new year’s resolutions for real estate agents:

  1. Post consistently on social media platforms.
  2. Generate new leads for your agency through giveaways, targeted flyers, and more.
  3. Create a real estate newsletter.
  4. Make more videos.
  5. Build relationships with local businesses.

With Jigglar, you’ll have access to a library of customizable templates for creating all kinds of real estate marketing materials, from flyers to infographics. Sign up for a free Jigglar trial today and learn more!

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