5 Ways to Use Real Estate Marketing Infographics

Real estate facts and services can be hard to digest, and advertising dense information on your website might scare clients away.  If potential buyers don’t understand your marketing materials, they may head to a different agency, which means a lost sale for you. 

That’s where infographics can come into play. Visual marketing makes complex information more accessible, and it can help keep clients on your website or scrolling through your social media accounts for longer. This may lead to higher sales and conversion rates for your business. 

In this post, we’ll explain what infographics are and the benefits of using them in your content marketing. Then, we will provide a list of Jigglar templates for real estate infographics. Let’s get to it!

An Introduction to Real Estate Infographics

Infographics offer a visual way to display important content. They usually make minimal use of text and can be a powerful tool for illustrating data, explaining concepts, showing trends, and simplifying presentations.

Real estate infographics can take many forms, such as buying checklists, home price displays, and process walk-throughs. The type of infographic you choose will depend on the content you want to share.

For example, if you want to relay rental costs for a specific city, you can use a template that lets you show prices, statistics, and number of rent reviews. You can also use timeline graphics to display what a final walk-through process looks like:

Final walk through checklist infographic.

Overall, real estate marketing infographics can be highly dynamic. You can use them for anything from getting leads to landing a sale. Moreover, with flexible templates, you can customize them to your unique advertising objectives.

5 Ways to Use Real Estate Marketing Infographics

Now that you know more about real estate infographics, we’re going to show you a few ways to use them. Here are five ready-to-use options from Jigglar.

1. Final Walk-Through Checklist

If you’re marketing to someone who is about to close on a home, a great way to get their attention is through a final walk-through checklist. With this infographic, soon-to-be homeowners can easily see what they need to do before they sign the final documents:

Infographic of homebuyer's final walk through checklist.

This template displays a rundown of all the final things to do, including flicking light switches on and off, checking faucets, and inspecting ceilings and floors for blemishes. You can share this infographic on social media channels such as your professional Instagram or Facebook.

2. Real Estate Roadmap

A real estate roadmap shows how realtors to optimize the selling process in a loose timeline. This infographic template has a display of what sellers can do to attract new buyers, nurture prospects, and get referrals:

Real estate road map with a highway background image.

The sleek background image of a highway is ideal for illustrating the complex real estate journey. With this template, you can modify steps and details to fit your preferences.

While this real estate marketing infographic doesn’t appeal directly to potential clients, it serves another very important purpose. When you provide resources to other real estate agents, you can build your network and establish yourself as an authority in your field. Ultimately, this can help guide more clients your way.

3. Median House Prices

With a median house prices infographic, you can give clients a full scope of what the average home in their area costs. This template uses a bar chart to compare median house price according to suburb:

Your area's median house prices infographic.

The great part about this real estate marketing infographic is that it allows house hunters to see, at a glance, if a particular suburb is within their budget.

Alternatively, a median home price infographic can compare the prices of various houses in one neighborhood. That way, a resident of that area can get a sense of how much their own property might be worth. When you use this Jigglar template, you can easily add your logo and modify stylistic details like background color and font size.

4. Homebuying Roadmap

Another excellent roadmap infographic might walk clients through the homebuying process. This type of real estate infographic provides a visual depiction of what clients can expect when purchasing a new home:

A homebuying roadmap.

This comprehensive template gives a step-by-step timeline from start to finish. Some elements are automatically included, such as Make an Offer and Settlement Day, but these are all things you can add or delete to your liking. You’ll also be able to tinker with the colors and text, including the Purchaser’s Checklist at the top righthand corner.

5. Why People Sell With You

The Why People Sell With [Your Name] infographic is a great way to display your personal real estate credentials while telling potential clients more about yourself. You can include a headshot as the focal point and move outwards with this display chart:

A real estate marketing infographic that shows an agents credentials.

From here, you can relay your property clearance rate in percentage form, your years of experience, and the total dollar value of properties you’ve sold. You can also add specific details such as your areas of expertise and what your highest sale to date is.

All of this information will demonstrate to potential clients that you have a successful track record. This can help build trust and encourage people to take the leap and reach out.


It can be difficult to advertise your real estate services in a straightforward manner. Fortunately, real estate marketing infographics provide an excellent solution for presenting visual content to potential customers.

Displaying your real estate services through images, checklists, and easy-to-read statistics can help keep visitors engaged and interested. This way, you can even impress peers and boost your authority. Ultimately, incorporating stunning infographics into your marketing plan can generate leads or even help you land a sale.

Do you want access to eye-catching infographic templates that will help you promote your real estate business? Sign up for Jigglar’s free trial to get started creating next-level marketing material!

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