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5 Essential Real Estate Marketing Materials Any Agents Needs (Templates)

Being a successful real estate agent isn’t just about being personable. If you want to get the best listings, you need engaging real estate marketing materials. Those materials will help you get far more listings than word of mouth alone.

There are dozens of ways to market your real estate business, from social media to online ads. With the right real estate marketing materials, you’ll be able to opt for any channel that you want to use.

In this article, we’re going to introduce you to five engaging types of real estate marketing materials that you can use. We’ll also show you template examples from the Jigglar archives, which you can use to kickstart your designs. Let’s get to it!

1. Business Cards and Stationery

Business cards have a long history dating back from the 17th century and there’s a reason why they’ve endured so long. A simple real estate business card enables you to share critical contact information and it serves as a reminder of who you are.

Real estate marketing materials

That’s one example of a real estate business card template with a minimalistic style, which is our favorite approach for business cards.

What type of design you use in your business cards will largely depend on your style and brand. However, there are a few elements that can’t be missing from any real estate business card, which are:

  1. Name and title
  2. Your business logo
  3. Your preferred method of contact or multiple options

Beyond that, you’re free to customize your business cards and stationery as needed. Some real estate agents opt to include headshots or catchy slogans, which is a fantastic idea.

2. Marketing Materials to Get Additional Listings

The goal of this type of real estate marketing material is to help you get more listings. Considering how broad a goal that is, it shouldn’t come as a surprise there are lots of types of marketing materials you can use to achieve it.

One of our favorite approaches is to offer property owners free valuations on their properties. Often, homeowners may be interested in selling, but they won’t take the first step because they’re scared of how complex the process might be.

Letting neighbors know about a free home valuation process

By offering a free valuation with no strings attached, you increase the chances those owners will want to contact you. Moreover, by targeting entire neighborhoods, you can also take advantage of social pressure.

3. Suburb Reports

Another engaging approach that you can use is to share figures of recently sold properties in an area. You can use real estate flyers to distribute that information and if neighbors like the figures they see, they might want to discuss the possibility of listing their homes.

A mailer for a recently sold property

There are several ways to approach suburb reports, though. You can also share pictures and addresses of recently-sold or listed properties in an area, which lets neighbors know when the market is hot.

Showing off your recent real estate track record

If you’re not sure where to get started with design, Jigglar includes marketing templates for both of the approaches we discussed here. All you have to do is customize them using your information and start printing.

4. Listing Presentations

Marketing doesn’t end when you land a listing. Every new client brings more opportunities for brand building. The more clients feel like you have their back during the listing and selling process, the more likely they might be to recommend you to their peers when they need a real estate agent.

With that in mind, listing presentations can be one of the best tools in your arsenal of real estate marketing materials. With a listing presentation, your goal is to walk clients through what to expect throughout the entire selling process:

A listing presentation providing advice on how to show off a home on the market

A fantastic listing presentation will also include real estate tips for clients, so they know how to deal with offers and any other aspects of the selling process.

The more informed your clients are, the less likely it is you’ll run into any mishaps during the listing and selling steps, making your job significantly easier.

5. Pre-Listing Kits

Deciding to put a property up for sale can be an intimidating decision. In some cases, clients might get cold feet after contacting you to put up a listing. That’s what makes pre-listing kits such useful real estate marketing materials.

Pre-listing kits enable you to collect essential information from new clients and share data with them about recent sales:

Sharing information about recent sales using a pre-listing kit

By including real-life data, you show clients that you’ve handled similar sales in the past and gotten their neighbors great returns on their homes.

Pre-listing kits also often include owner questionnaires. Those questionnares enable you to collect information that you can use to better market client’s properties. For example, one of the questions we often like to ask is what are the top features of a property, in the client’s own words:

A seller's questionnaire within a pre-listing kit

The better questions that you ask, the easier it should be to find the perfect buyer for your clients’ properties.


Engaging real estate marketing materials can enable you to grow your business far more than word of mouth alone can. With Jigglar, you get access to a large library of real estate marketing templates that you can take advantage of even without graphic design experience.

Some of the types of real estate marketing material templates that you can find in the Jigglar library include:

  1. Business cards and stationery
  2. Marketing materials to get additional listings
  3. Suburb reports
  4. Listing presentations
  5. Listing kits

Are you ready to design new real estate marketing materials for your business? Try out Jigglar for free and start getting more listings today!

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