5 Price Reduced Real Estate Flyers & How To Make Them (Quick Guide)

Even in a hot market, not every property will sell as quickly as you’d want. Sometimes, you need to reduce prices a bit to get buyers interested in a listing. Using price-reduced real estate flyers can enable you to promote properties on sale and start lining up buyers.

In this article, we’re going to show you five price-reduced real estate flyers from the Jigglar archives. We’ll talk about how to use each flyer and in which situations they might work. Let’s get to it!

1. Simple For-Sale Flyer

Sometimes, you don’t need to advertise that you’re reducing prices on a listing, A simple for-sale flyer with an updated price can get the work done if you send it to the right people. Your goal with this flyer is to highlight the property’s features so potential buyers know that they’re getting a fantastic deal at a price that’s too good to be true (particularly in a hot market!).

2. Reduced-Pricing QR Code

A for-sale QR code

One of the big issues with marketing flyers is that customers might not want to input an email or add a phone number to their contacts. A QR code that leads directly to your email or phone number solves that problem in one fell swoop.

All that buyers have to do is scan the code and they’ll be able to reach out to you right away. As soon as they do, you can inform them about the unique deal that you have on your hands.

3. Real Estate Seller’s Report

A real estate seller’s report is a document that you use to keep your clients in the loop about how their listings are doing. If a house sells immediately, you might not need to create a seller’s report. If you do, Jigglar offers multiple templates for seller’s reports. Within those templates, you’ll find sections that discuss price reductions when a property isn’t getting enough traction:

A seller's report section discussing price reduction

Most sellers won’t be happy about the idea of reducing prices. However, sometimes that’s the only way to sell a property that’s been in the market for a long time.

4. Real Estate Client Reports

Real estate client report

Whenever you’re working on signing a new client, it’s always a good move to give them idea of what the real estate market looks like in their area. A lot of customers might have the wrong take on the market, which can lead to overinflated listing prices.

This client report Jigglar template includes a section that discusses market pricing, You can use this information to give sellers an idea of how much properties like theirs can sell for. As a realtor, you need to go the extra mile and not just give them a number. Talk to them about your experience with buyers in the area, real estate news, and share your expert recommendations. If customers don’t trust you, they might not take your pricing recommendations to heart.

5. Home Seller’s Journey

Real estate flyers for sellers should be all about empowering them with the information that they need to make smart choices. The smartest choice they can make is to list with you, of course. However, before you get there, you need to build trust.

A great way to build trust with homeowners is to talk to them about what the selling process looks like. Most owners might have an idea of what it takes to sell a home, but they’ll need plenty of guidance through the entire process.

Jigglar gives you access to a comprehensive home-seller’s guide flyer that includes every step of the journey, including arriving at a fair price. Most owners will want to sell their homes for as much money as possible, but sometimes, you’ll need to talk them into a price reduction. If that’s the case, one of our client report templates should help inform owners about why a price reduction can be in their best interests.


If one of your properties spends too much time on the market, you should consider revisiting its listing price. Sometimes a property that no one will touch at X price will sell like hotcakes with a slight price reduction. If you can convince sellers to reduce prices, flyers are a great way to let interested parties know about the new deal.

Jigglar offers multiple options for price-reduced real estate flyers. You can pick any flyer that suits your listing and customize it using Jigglar’s intuitive editing tools. Once you’re done, all that’s left is to export and print your design.

Are you ready to create a price-reduced real estate flyer? Try out Jigglar for free and get to work on customizing any of the designs that we showed you in this article.

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