What to Include in Your Home Buying Roadmap

As a real estate agent, you’re well aware that the buying journey can be a long and stressful process (especially for first-time buyers). Therefore, it’s a good idea to inform clients about what’s involved and what’s expected of them using a home buying roadmap. However, you might not know what to include.

Fortunately, there are some key elements that make for a successful home buying roadmap. For example, you can lay out each and every stage of the journey, create an actionable checklist, and use beautiful designs to make your document more engaging. This way, you can properly prepare your clients and help them make informed decisions.

In this post, we’ll discuss five components that every home buying roadmap ought to have. Let’s get started!

1. Essential Steps

One of the most obvious elements to include in your home buying roadmap is all the steps that your buyer will need to complete. While some buyers will have been through the process before, it doesn’t harm to remind them of what’s involved.

Meanwhile, first-time buyers may have no idea what to expect. Therefore, a detailed roadmap that includes all the essential stages of the journey may be greatly appreciated.

With this in mind, it’s best to cover everything as thoroughly as you can, so you can start from the initial inspection and finish with collecting the keys from the agent on move-in day. But, you’ll also want to lay out all the moments between like getting preapproval and purchasing home insurance.

2. Your Logo and Contact Details

Besides educating your buyers, you can also use this opportunity to strengthen your personal brand. Therefore, it’s a good idea to add your real estate logo to the roadmap.

If you use one of Jigglar’s roadmap templates, you’ll find a dedicated space to upload your company logo at the bottom of the document:

What to include in your home buying roadmap

This can also add a touch of professionalism to your roadmap. Plus, you’re also able to add all the essential information about your business on this page.

For example, you can add your name and email address. Or, you might go one step further and add your telephone number or business address. This way, buyers will feel more comfortable reaching out if they have questions.

3. An Actionable Checklist

The next element to include in your home buying roadmap is an ordered checklist that people can use to remind them of what they need to do, and mark their progress throughout the journey. As we’ve discussed, it’s useful to highlight all stages of the process in your roadmap.

However, an actionable checklist enables buyers to feel some sense of satisfaction and achievement as they proceed. Plus, it can grant them some level of control in what can be a very stressful procedure.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to create a physical list at the side of your roadmap where you can lay out the tasks that need to be completed by the buyer:

An example of a checklist for a home buying roadmap

So, you might include items like discuss mortgage structure, meet with lawyer, update will, and book a moving truck. This also enables the buyer to quickly scan your roadmap and identify the most important (and relevant) items.

4. Beautiful Designs

Although you want your home buying roadmap to be practical, it’s also important to make it look good so that it’s more visually appealing and engaging to buyers. The good news is that you can use one of Jigglar’s beautiful templates to structure your design.

This means that you don’t have to possess any technical or creative skills to achieve a professional-looking document. When you create a Jigglar account, you’ll find an extensive library of templates for your marketing materials including flyers, postcards, checklists, and even calendars:

Jigglar's template library

Better yet, the templates are totally customizable. You’ll use the Jigglar editor to swap out images, replace text, and change other elements to create a design that reflects your exact goals and matches your brand colors.

5. Referrals

At this point, you’ve created a beautiful and practical document to assist your buyers. However, some buyers (especially first-time buyers) may be looking for a more convenient way to get through the process.

Therefore, you may include sections in your roadmap where you can refer buyers to reputable services (especially if they’re part of your company). For example, some real estate agents also offer legal services.

Meanwhile, you may have expert insight into different types of loans and lenders. As such, you can mark this on the roadmap to make it easy and convenient for buyers to find other professionals that they’ll need further down the line.


A home buying roadmap enables you to present all the essential stages of the home buying journey. Not only can you display the information in a clear, concise way, but you can also use the opportunity to strengthen your personal brand, refer to other in-house services, and nurture client relationships.

To recap, here are five elements to include in your home buying roadmap:

  1. Essential steps.
  2. Your logo and contact details.
  3. An actionable checklist.
  4. Beautiful designs.
  5. Referrals.

But if you lack the design skills for your marketing materials, you can find stunning templates in the Jigglar library. Better yet, the layouts are easy to customize with your own images, colors, and contact details. And, you can try Jigglar for free for 14 days (no credit card required).

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