3 Ways to Promote Virtual Real Estate Tours

Open houses and tours are a crucial part of the real estate business. However, both can take a lot of time and energy to organize, and they are often a big inconvenience to clients. With this in mind, you might want to start offering virtual real estate tours.

Fortunately, you can easily promote virtual real estate when you use templates specifically for this purpose. As a result, you’ll be able to save tons of time and boost your business.

In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of virtual real estate tours and when it’s appropriate to offer them. Then, we’ll share three ways you can promote virtual real estate tours. Let’s get started!

The Benefits of Virtual Real Estate Tours

Before we show you how to promote virtual real estate tours, let’s go over some of the many benefits of switching to this approach or even using it to supplement in-person events.

The main advantage of offering virtual tours is convenience. This convenience enables you to reach more potential buyers. That’s because going to an in-person tour or an open house is a huge commitment of time and energy. And, if a buyer is considering moving cities, states, or even countries, organizing in-person tours could be highly impractical or expensive.

What’s more, when you offer virtual tours, your leads will likely come to you “warmer” than with a traditional online listing. And, according to LendingTree, 24 percent of homeowners even make an offer sight unseen.

Furthermore, since you can simply record a virtual tour and then send it to many interested clients (or post it publicly on the listing), you won’t have to interrupt the sellers day-to-say life nearly as much. This can improve the client experience and also save money on staging.

On the whole, virtual real estate tours can help free up your time to work on growing your business. Plus, since you’ll spend less time on each tour, you’ll be able to accept more clients and gain more commissions without working more hours.

When to Offer Virtual Real Estate Tours

While offering virtual real estate tours is an excellent strategy, it might not be appropriate for everyone. So, when does it makes sense to offer them?

This will depend on the type of virtual tour you want to provide and the resources you have. Typically, you generate a virtual real estate tour is using virtual software. Both 3D and 360 tours are common in real estate. However, it’s also possible to record a virtual tour as a simple video.

Therefore, you’ll want to carefully consider your budget, and how much you can invest in software, equipment, and/or web developers. On the other hand, you might simply want to consider offering virtual real estate tours if you no longer have the time and personnel to give them in person

3 Ways to Promote Virtual Real Estate Tours

Once you create a virtual real estate tour, it won’t be any good if potential buyers don’t know it exists. So, here a few ways you can promote virtual real estate tours using Jigglar.

1. Flag New Listings with Virtual Tours

With Jigglar, you’ll get access to tons real estate marketing templates for new listings. And using the editor, you can easily modify any of them to add a note about an accompanying virtual tour:

Promote a virtual real estate tour using a Jigglar just listed template

For example, you could use a flyer to invite them to visit your website where they can find the complete listing and virtual tour. Or, you could use a Jigglar QR code to do the same thing:

Promote a virtual real estate tour using a Jigglar QR code

All you have to do is link the QR code to the listing URL.

2. Market Virtual Open Homes

In addition to standard virtual tours, you may want to offer virtual open homes. When you choose this approach, this may consist of recording a video or offering a live feed of the open home.

This is a good option if you don’t have the resources to create 3D or 360 tours, as it will still give you the ability to reach potential buyers who can’t make the trip. Jigglar has some eye-catching templates specifically for this purpose:

Market your virtual open home using Jigglar

Using the Jigglar editor, you can easily modify colors, fonts, and even your portrait to match your personal real estate brand.

3. Advertise Multiple Virtual Services

In addition to virtual tours, you might want to offer more virtual services, such as appraisals. You can advertise your suite of virtual services using a Jigglar template like the following:

Advertise your virtual marketing services

Just be sure to swap in your own unique logo and contact information (which is super easy).


Offering virtual real estate tours is an excellent way to bolster your business. That’s because they can help expedite the buying process and are super convenient for busy clients.

Essentially, virtual tours can help you land warm leads or even convince clients to buy a home sight unseen. And, when you use eye-catching templates to market these online tours, you’ll be able to maximize the effectiveness of this new approach.
Ready to promote virtual real estate tours? Sign up for a Jigglar free trial to access stunning marketing templates for virtual tours and open houses!

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