How To Use Digital Brochures in Real Estate Marketing

Real estate marketing brochures are an effective way to advertise your property listings and attract new business. However, if you’re using physical brochures, you can only reach so many people.

Digital brochures remove that limitation, and can be used to cast a much wider net. Plus, you can use Jigglar templates to quickly create unique digital brochures for your services or listings. This is an excellent and cost-effective way to generate new leads.

In this post, we’ll look at what digital brochures are and how they can help grow your real estate business. Then we’ll explore a few ways you can use them. Let’s get to it!

What Are Digital Brochures (And How Can They Help Grow Your Real Estate Business)?

Digital brochures are digitized versions of common paper brochures, such as property listings or pre-listing kits. Like their physical counterparts, digital brochures focus on the visual elements, making them excellent marketing assets for real estate businesses. They can attract attention by featuring compelling photos of houses, quality headshots, and high-resolution logos.

However, there are some key differences as well. Digital brochures have better potential reach because they can be used across multiple channels, including on the web, on social media channels, and as links via personal outreach or follow-ups. This level of accessibility can both generate more leads and make communication with your existing clients more efficient. 

It’s also more cost-effective to produce digital brochures. Once you’ve finished with the design stage, you don’t have to pay for printing or distribution. Even better, Jigglar can bring the cost down further by helping you put together professional designs using templates.

3 Ways To Use Digital Brochures in Real Estate Marketing

Now that you know how digital brochures can help improve your real estate business, let’s look at a few ways to use them effectively.

1. Create a Complete Pre-Listing Kit

A pre-listing kit contains multiple elements, such as a letter to the seller, testimonials, recent sales, and a questionnaire. You present it to the seller as part of your pitch to be their agent.

Creating a digital pre-listing kit allows you to send prospective clients a link before meeting them, so they know what to expect. Providing all of this crucial information upfront (and in an easy-to-access way) may nudge them towards a positive decision before you even meet.

Jigglar pre-listing kit template front page

We offer several pre-listing kit templates, with color schemes ranging from bold black and yellow to more traditional teal and white. You can easily change these colors if none of the defaults fit your branding.

Jigglar pre-listing kit template letter to seller

There’s also space for your headshot, logo, and contact details. Placeholder images are included, but it’s simple to replace them with your own high-quality assets.

2. Design Compelling Property Listings

Property listings come in all shapes and sizes, from extraordinarily detailed to just enough to whet the appetite. With this in mind, we offer 16-page, 8-page, and 2-page listing templates, all of which can be further shortened or lengthened according to your needs.

Jigglar property listing template front page

The longer templates provide a variety of page designs. These give you ample space for graphics and text, so you’ll have plenty of room to showcase each property’s standout features.

Jigglar property listing template details page

The shorter templates work well as teasers. The front side focuses on your listing’s ‘hero shot’ – the photo of the home that you think will generate the most excitement. There are also places for several other images, so you’ll need to make sure you have top-notch real estate photography ready to go.

Jigglar property listing template 'for sale' page

You can use the back side for a description of the property and the nuts-and-bolts details, such as the floor plan and number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

These property listing templates are an excellent way to generate free leads on social media. They’re easy to share, and can be as descriptive as you want. Plus, they have the potential to reach far more people than would be possible by handing out paper flyers.

3. Develop Handy Client Checklists

Checklists are very helpful for your clients, regardless of whether they’re buying or selling. Digital checklists can help your clients rapidly pull up the information they need while on the go, so they never miss a step. They also help to establish your expertise, since they position you as a capable guide through the complex process of buying or selling a home.

Our ‘home buyer’s checklist’ template starts with the search for an agent and continues through the home purchase itself. You can add or subtract steps as you see fit. Then, building the checkboxes and corresponding text boxes is easy.

Jigglar home buyer's checklist template

The ‘seller’s to-do list’ template breaks down tasks by area of the property. This makes a digital version especially handy, as it enables your client to pull up the list anywhere, whether in the basement or working outside.

Jigglar seller's to-do list template

Along with the colors and branding, you can easily change each template’s background. Plus, elements in Jigglar can be layered, so you can make changes to specific areas of the page without affecting nearby objects.


Digital brochures can be used as standalone material on your website, on social media platforms, or for personal outreach. They’re a cost-effective, visually-appealing way to get your listings and services in front of more people and improve your business.

To recap, here are three ways you can use digital brochures:

  1. Create a complete pre-listing kit
  2. Design compelling property listings
  3. Develop handy client checklists

Want to get a head start creating digital real estate brochures? Sign up for a Jigglar free trial today for access to hundreds of templates!

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