4 Ways to Improve Your Real Estate Photos

You’ll need high-quality photography to show off your listings and attract buyers to those properties. However, it’s not as easy as pulling out your smartphone and taking a few snaps. If your agency is serious about its marketing approach, you’ll want to improve its real estate photos.

The good news is that following a few simple tips can make a massive change in the quality of your agency’s photography. Highlighting the unique pieces in your properties and choosing marketing templates can quickly elevate your photos and appeal to clients.

In today’s guide, we’ll discuss the importance of taking high-quality real estate photos. Then, we’ll share four tips to improve your photography. Let’s get started!

The Importance of High-Quality Real Estate Photos

Have you ever heard the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words”? This is particularly true when it comes to marketing, whether you’re selling products in an online store or listing real estate properties on behalf of your clients.

Beautiful photography can get potential buyers excited about your listings and help them imagine themselves living in a particular space. If a home looks great from the outset, people are more likely to contact you and view the property in person, where you’ll have more opportunities to sell them on its benefits.

Furthermore, high-quality photos demonstrate the professionalism of your agency. If your images and other marketing materials look attractive and put-together, you may win business over less reputable-looking companies in your area.

Plus, it’s not hard to improve your real estate photos! In the next section, we’ll show you how.

4 Ways to Improve Your Real Estate Photos

Now that you know the importance of high-quality real estate photography, here are five tips to help you improve your photos!

1. Focus On Lighting

Firstly, we recommend opting for natural lighting whenever possible. Plenty of illumination can make your listings look bigger, brighter, and more appealing to potential buyers. Plus, natural light tends to have a warmer feel than harsh artificial lighting.

That’s not to say that there’s no place for interior lighting. It’s worth experimenting by taking photos with the lights both on and off to see how the images turn out. Then, you can play around with the white balance in the editing stage to make sure that everything looks natural:

Using natural and artificial lighting in a real estate listing

You can also use external flash to better illuminate a darker property (particularly if it doesn’t have big windows or much natural sunlight). In this case, we recommend bouncing the flash off the walls to soften the effect and still get a natural-looking aesthetic.

2. Highlight Unique Pieces and Features

Many buyers are driven by emotion when choosing a new home. Although most people will have a shortlist of the characteristics they’re looking for — such as four bedrooms and a specific location — they can be swayed by the romantic feeling of a property and the emotions it evokes in them.

You can tap into buyer emotions early on by highlighting unique pieces and features in your photography. This is one of the best ways to improve your real estate photos because it can show off the best aspects of your listings while appealing to people with specific aesthetic tastes.

For example, a unique and open outdoor living area can get potential buyers thinking about how they would live and entertain in a particular home. You can also frame the image in such a way that viewers feel like they are standing on the deck and seeing a panoramic view of the surroundings:

Improve real estate photos by focusing on unique features

Your listing might also have distinct architectural styles or vintage features that show off the home’s character. It’s simply a matter of inspecting the property to see which elements will truly pop in your photos.

3. Use a Tripod and Shoot Straight

If you’re used to your smartphone or a simple digital camera, you may not typically work with a tripod. However, this is a worthwhile investment for improving your real estate photography.

If you rely on your arms and judgment, you may end up with photos angled slightly up or down. This can create distortion in your photos, making the house look wonky or disorienting to viewers. Plus, distorted images look unprofessional, so potential buyers might be turned off from working with your agency.

There are ways to straighten images in the editing process, but it’s a better idea to invest in a tripod instead. Then, you’ll just need to make sure that you capture enough of the room in your photos, including a small portion of the ceilings and floors. In most cases, the camera should be about 5 feet (1.5m) off the ground.

4. Show Off Your Photos with Templates

It’s one thing to take high-quality images. However, if you really want to improve your real estate photos, consider showcasing them in marketing templates.

Templates can convey visual and written information to catch the attention of potential buyers and let them know what to expect from the property. Plus, you’re able to add your real estate agency’s contact details so that interested parties can reach out to you immediately:

Real estate template for a new listing

By signing up for Jigglar, you’ll have access to a wide range of customizable real estate templates, including new property listings, open house flyers, and social media posts:

Open house flyer

You can choose a suitable template, upload photos of your listings, and play around with colors and other graphic elements. Then, you’ll have attractive and eye-catching marketing materials for sharing online and in person!


Taking high-quality photos is essential to show off your listings and attract new buyers. However, this process might seem overwhelming if you’re not a professional photographer.

To recap, here are four tips to improve your real estate photos:

  1. Focus on lighting.
  2. Highlight unique pieces and features.
  3. Use a tripod and shoot straight.
  4. Show off your photos with templates.

With Jigglar, you’ll get access to a wealth of customizable marketing templates for showing off your real estate listings, advertising your agency, and more. Sign up for a free Jigglar trial today!

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