4 Realtors on Instagram You Can Follow for Inspiration

One of the key jobs of a real estate agent is to secure quality listings, but it’s equally important to successfully market your properties. With 1.4 billion active monthly users, Instagram is an excellent platform for real estate marketing. However, you might not know how to make your posts visually appealing, or how to encourage engagement.

That’s why it can be useful to track the top realtors on Instagram and evaluate what’s working well for them. Although it’s never a good idea to directly copy other content creators, you can use these accounts to inspire your own creative efforts and get ideas for your promotional activities.

In this post, we’ll take a look at four realtors on Instagram that you should follow. And, we’ll even show you how to achieve a similar effect. Let’s get started!

1. Ryan Serhant

Ryan Serhant is the founder of a top US agency with an impressive Instagram account that boasts 399,000 followers. While the team share real estate strategies and behind-the-scenes clips, they also feature luxury properties that have just sold:

Realtors on Instagram that you should follow

This is a great way to share your success, bolster your own brand image, and attract new clients that can feel more confident in your abilities. And while Serhant has a dedicated studio to produce in-house content, you can achieve the same high-quality designs using Jigglar templates:

How to create a "just sold" post with Jigglar templates

With Jigglar, you don’t need any technical experience to achieve professional real estate designs for social media, email campaigns, reports, presentations, flyers, and more.

Better yet, all Jigglar templates are fully customizable, so you can easily swap in your own high-resolution photographs. Plus, you can add in your agent profile pictures, logo, and key property details like the street address, sale price, and more.

2. Jade Mills Estates

Jade Mills mainly relies on engaging videos to share her expertise and establish authority within the real estate industry. You’ll find a range of investment tips, home staging advice for realtors, and even some personal content to build closer connections with her followers.

But, one way that Jade stands out from other realtors on Instagram is through her “Five Facts” series:

Jade Mills is one of the top realtors on Instagram

Here, Jade draws attention to five features of a property that she describes as “fun facts” rather than focusing on the same bog-standard information. For example, she’s previously shown hidden rooms, a rock-climbing wall, and unique landscape designs.

This way, you can freshen up your marketing efforts and show off your personality by sharing genuine opinions. Better yet, you can achieve a similar effect using a Jigglar template:

How to create engaging Instagram posts with Jigglar

If you’re not comfortable using video, you can always share a selection of static images in a carousel post. And, a template like this one provides an extra opportunity to reinforce your brand and include contact details.

3. Douglas Elliman

Douglas Elliman maintains a professional Instagram account that catches our eye thanks to the high-quality images. Beyond that, the account also celebrates agency milestones and record-breaking sales.

Plus, the team regularly share their own opinions, engage with current trends or topics, and champion international events like Women’s History Month:

Douglas Elliman is one of the top realtors on Instagram to follow

Not only is this a great way to show support for important causes, but it can be refreshing (and inspiring) to see realtors on Instagram discussing subjects other than property. Additionally, it enables you to humanize your brand and build more meaningful connections with your followers.

With that in mind, Jigglar provides a whole library of templates dedicated to different holidays and events like Halloween, Red Nose Day, Earth Day, World Teacher’s Day, and even National Donut Day:

How to create Instagram posts like the top realtors on Instagram

This can help you appeal to a certain demographic- depending on the events or national holidays that you want to draw attention to. Meanwhile, it’s a great way to diversify your Instagram content.

4. Cindy Raney

Cindy Raney is a boutique real estate team based in Fairfield County. Although the account has a smaller following, it has amassed a loyal audience thanks to local recommendations and personal posts like the “Friday Faves” series and “60 with Cindy”.

However, another key difference between Cindy’s content and other top realtors on Instagram is that Cindy doesn’t just share new listings. Instead, she takes the time to educate her followers and help people better prepare for property purchases with expert advice and market updates:

Cindy Raney real estate team

The best part is that you can achieve the same thing with Jigglar’s market update templates. This way, you can present the average sale price, new listings, and average days spent on the market for properties each month:

How to copy the top realtors on Instagram with market update posts

This enables your followers to quickly access and scan important information on your account. Plus, it’s a great way to satisfy the curiosity of local residents, and keep potential buyers and sellers in the loop with the latest news.


The simplest way to improve your real estate marketing is to start using social media. However, even if you’re familiar with platforms like Instagram, you might not know how to create engaging posts that are capable of attracting attention. Therefore, you can get some inspiration from the top realtors on Instagram.

For example, if you’re impressed by Ryan Serhant’s account, you can feature “Just Sold” posts to bolster your brand image and demonstrate your skills. Meanwhile, if you want to humanzie your brand, Douglas Elliman and Cindy Raney are worth checking out. And, Jade Mills has some fun ideas to freshen up your marketing efforts.

To make your Instagram posts stand out, it’s best to use high-quality graphics. And, if you lack design experience, this is still possible with Jigglar templates. There’s a huge library of pre-made layouts for social media, flyers, brochures, profiles, and more. Better yet, you can customize them easily to reflect your brand. Get started with a 14-day trial today!

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