How to Build Your Real Estate Brand (3 Ways)

The most successful businesses in the world all have a strong brand. You can recognize them by a slogan, a logo, their spokesperson, and even their values. All of that is possible thanks to a lot of hard work when it comes to branding. That means taking a set of elements and making your customers associate them with the business and it works for real estate too.

There’s a reason why so many realtors go out of their way to build a strong brand. Bus, bench, and even TV ads all add to the story you want to tell customers. Over time, people start associating the brand with the business and if customers want to spend money with brands they trust.

In this article, we’ll go over three ways to build your real estate brand, including marketing materials you can use. Let’s get to it!

1. Establishing Core Values

Every strong brand has a set of core values. They represent what your company stands for, how you deal with customers, and what people can expect if they do business with you.

If you think about the brands you love, you probably can come up with several examples. Google does no evil, Nike is all about action, Apple is about creativity and so forth. When customers think about your real estate business, they need to associate it with values that align with what they want.

Build a real estate brand

For most people, real estate transactions are the biggest purchases or sales they’ll make in their lifetime. That means they need realtors that inspire trust, that can guide them through complex situations, and that they can reach out to at any time.

Those are just some examples of the values you might want people to associate with your business. To get the ball rolling, you’ll want to make sure that every marketing material you use references those values in some way. That can be with a slogan, by showing your face to inspire trust, or simply by using the right language.

2. Design a Unique Logo

Branding isn’t just about the words that people associate with your business. It’s also about the images. If you run a real estate business on your own, those images are your face and the company’s logo.

A real estate business card with a logo

The importance of a great logo can’t be overstated. If it’s unique and engaging, people will remember it even if they don’t do business with you at the moment. Over time, seeing the same logo over and over again can make you think that you know the business. Once it’s time to find a realtor, those same people are most likely to turn to the real estate business they know best and that’s yours.

A real estate flyer with a business logo

What that logo looks like will depend on your business and how you decide to go about designing it. For a business, we recommend working with a professional designer who can take your brand values and style ideas and put them together into the perfect logo.

If you use Jigglar templates, you’ll notice most of them include placeholders for your logo. You can take it and re-use it amongst all the flyers, mailers, and social media posts you create and your logo will never look out of place.

3. Build a Brand Kit

One of the biggest challenges in building a real estate brand is remembering all the elements, values, and designs that go into it. If you put out new marketing materials constantly (which you can do with Jigglar), you need to make sure they all align with the brand. That’s where brand kits come in.

A brand kit is a document (or a series of them) you can reference to keep track of all the elements associated with the business. In practice, that can mean:

  • The colors you use in designs
  • Your real estate logo
  • Pictures and headshots you use in marketing materials
  • The core values you associate with the brand
  • The words and type of language you use in marketing

It might seem easy to keep track of all that information, but it can become unwieldy as the business grows. If you ever need to delegate marketing tasks for the business, a comprehensive brand kit is what will ensure that other members of the business won’t miss the mark

With Jigglar, you get access to stylish real estate brand kits you can easily customize to fit your business. All you have to do is replace some placeholders and you’re in business.


Learning how to build your real estate brand is easier than you might think. With Jigglar, you get to use a library of marketing templates you can easily customize to fit any real estate brand, even if you’re not a designer.

The real challenge lies in brainstorming what you want your brand to be. That means defining the brand’s core values, working with a designer to create a logo, and putting together a brand kit. That’s a lot of work, but it’s what’s necessary if you want your real estate business to be different from what every other realtor offers.

If you’re ready to try Jigglar, you can take advantage of a 14-day free trial. You get to navigate our library of real estate marketing templates and design any materials you need for your business.

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