How to Modernize Your Real Estate Flyers

Staying on top of marketing trends is essential if you want to collect as many leads as possible. Moreover, jumpìng on the right real estate marketing trends can also help you build a following on social media. That following can be essential when it comes to getting listings and selling properties.

Just as in any other field, real estate trends come and go. If you’ve been using the same marketing materials for a while, chances are they’re due for an update so they remain effective.

In this article, we’re going to show you some examples and tips on how to modernize your real estate flyers. Let’s start by talking about infographics!

Use Real Estate Infographics

When most people think about infographics, they think about social media and websites. Infographics can be incredibly popular on the web, but they can also be engaging forms of marketing in physical form.

Flyers offer a great way to share infographics with your audience. You can use these flyers to show off the median house prices in the area, step-by-step walkthroughs of the selling process, and more:

A real estate infographic

Infographics work great as flyers because they stand out from the rest of the marketing materials that homeowners usually get. They provide owners with information that’s easy to digest and, ideally, they’ll include your contact information as well.

Jigglar offers several infographic templates in multiple formats that you can use as starting points. All you have to do is modify the information in the graphics with numbers from your area or whichever other data you want to share.

Include QR Codes in Your Real Estate Flyers

One of the most annoying aspects of getting a flyer is that you need to dial phone numbers manually, type email addresses, or enter social media handles. The process might not take that long, but since everyone has a smartphone, there’s no reason why it can’t be instant.

Including QR codes in your real estate flyers can enable you to point potential customers toward any social media profile or website that you want. You can even use QR codes that automatically open their email apps and add your address right away:

A real estate QR flyer

The goal of a real estate QR code is to make your flyer’s Call-to-Action (CTA) easier to act upon. Instead of forcing customers to think about reaching out to you, you make that process as easy as possible. Simply scan the code and you can be having a conversation with a realtor in a matter of minutes.

With Jigglar, you get to use several templates that include spaces for custom QR codes. We even offer a QR generator that you can use to create codes.

Use Professional-Looking Real-Estate Templates

One of the most common mistakes that realtors make is using marketing materials that don’t look professional. Hiring professional designers can be expensive and it’s a cost that a lot of realtor offices don’t want to incur.

Creating real estate flyers yourself can be a challenge unless you have a background in design. Even if you do, your time as a realtor is best spent on other aspects of the job, such as talking to potential clients and closing sales.

With Jigglar, you get access to hundreds of real estate templates that would look great in any office. We add new templates all the time, so you have plenty of options for creating the type of real estate flyers that you need:

Creating real estate templates

Jigglar also enables you to use a simple editor for customizing templates in any way that you want. You can upload new images, add text, add custom icons, social media widgets, and more.

With Jigglar, you get to experiment with creating any type of real estate flyer that you want, all without having to spend thousands of dollars on design fees. If you have a bit of free time in between open houses, you can design flyers yourself.


Every marketing material has an expiration date, including real estate flyers. Even if a flyer does particularly well in bringing you leads, it’s a good idea to update or modernize it from time to time. That way, you’ll ensure that any information that you include remains up to date and the design continues to look good.

You can use Jigglar to create as many real estate flyers as you want thanks to our broad library of templates. Each template is fully customizable and designs come in several form factors.

Are you ready to try out Jigglar for yourself? Sign up for free and get to work on your first real estate flyer!

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