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1800+ Realtor Flyer Ideas You Can Deploy To Get Listings

As a real estate professional, marketing is a major part of acquiring new clients and growing your business. However, relying on outdated and mundane tactics isn’t the best way to get noticed. To gain the attention of potential clients, it’s important to employ unique realtor flyer ideas.

The good news is that there are plenty of opportunities you can use to help make your advertisements more original and effective. By adopting an innovative approach to marketing, you can establish a distinct – and ultimately successful – brand that makes it easier to generate leads.

In this post, we’ll start by discussing what goes into making an effective realtor flyer and the importance of differentiating yourself. Then we’ll provide you with a list of three unique realtor flyer ideas to help you get started. Let’s jump in!

The Importance of Creating a Distinct Realtor Flyer

Real estate is an incredibly competitive field, and finding new leads is one of the biggest hurdles. Today, so many realtors rely on fad marketing trends, such as posting on Instagram and other social media channels.

While social media can certainly be a powerful way to reach your audience, it’s not necessarily the best or most effective tactic, especially if it’s the only one you’re using. Regardless of which approach you use, it’s critical to create unique, high-quality advertisements.

There are a handful of key elements to include in a real estate marketing flyer. For example, you’ll want to include your name, your contact information, and the essential details about the listing or your services.

Of course, simply creating and distributing flyers with this information doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get noticed. Whether delivered electronically or by mail, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle when people are inundated with ads and promotions.

To truly stand out, it’s crucial to think outside the box. Fortunately, we’re here to provide you with some realtor flyer ideas that you can use to help set you apart from your competition.

3 Unique Realtor Flyer Ideas

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of differentiating yourself, it’s time to get into how you can do that. Below are three unique realtor flyer ideas you can use in your marketing strategy.

1. Incorporate QR Codes

In case you’re unfamiliar, QR codes are scannable images that you can place in advertisements. This innovative technology allows you to connect a phone number, email, or website to your flyer so that prospects can easily get in touch with you or acquire more information than what’s immediately available:

An example of a realtor flyer with a QR code.

Incorporating these into your realtor flyers can help you in several ways. First, it presents the opportunity to demonstrate that you’re committed to their convenience. It also helps show that you’re credible, professional, and up-to-date on modern trends.

Plus, it reduces the amount of work they have to put into reaching out to you. For example, you can program the QR codes with pre-filled content that they can send you.

2. Create Holiday and Seasonal Flyers

Many realtors create their standard business cards and marketing materials and use them throughout the year. This isn’t necessarily a bad approach. However, it’s not a tailored one, either.

To help differentiate yourself, it’s a smart idea to create flyers based on the current holiday or season:

An example of a seasonal realtor flyer.

When you base your flyers around the season, you communicate to prospects that right now is the best to buy or sell. It helps demonstrate that you’re in tune with the current real estate climate and can provide them with knowledgeable expertise.

3. Use Templates for Easy Customizing and Updating

As a real estate professional, most of your time needs to be spent with clients and potential prospects. Therefore, it’s important to establish an efficient yet effective marketing strategy that enables you to easily create quality advertisements.

The best way to do that is to have a library of realtor flyer templates, like the one we offer at Jigglar:

The Jigglar template dashboard.

You can access over 1,800 marketing templates designed specifically for realtors. This lets you quickly create stunning flyers (and other forms of promotional materials) with very little effort. You can simply choose the template that fits your current target audience and occasion, then replace the placeholder content with your information.

We also provide a QR Code Generator tool. You can choose which QR code type you want to use (phone, email, SMS, or URL), then drag and drop it anywhere on the flyer. It’s that easy!


Distributing realtor flyers can be an excellent way to expand your reach and generate new leads. However, being such a competitive and crowded market, it’s important to make sure that your promotions are distinct and help differentiate you from your competition.

In this post, we discussed three unique realtor flyer ideas you can use to get started:

  1. Incorporate QR codes to allow prospects to easily contact you.
  2. Create holiday and seasonal flyers.
  3. Use templates so you can easily and customize them for each occasion.

Are you ready to get to work on creating your own real estate marketing flyers? Sign up for Jigglar for free!

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