BIG NEWS! You can now create QR codes INSIDE your Jigglar account and it’s SUPER easy!

BIG NEWS! You can now create QR codes INSIDE your Jigglar account and it’s SUPER easy!

To show you exactly how it works and how you can use this new Jigglar feature to win more listings and sales, I’m running a special Webinar.

Click this link now to reserve your seat. Please note seats are limited.

Why are real estate’s top agents leveraging the marketing power of QR codes?

On this webinar, we have one simple mission: to show you EXACTLY how to use QR codes in your marketing to book more listing appointments, secure more listings and make more sales using Jigglar templates with QR codes that will delight your buyers and sellers.

You will discover what the industry’s leading agents are doing right now to utilize QR codes and create a point of difference in their marketing.

At ‘How To Use QR Codes In Jigglar To List And Sell More Properties’, we’ll be getting into:

  • The best templates to use with QR codes to help you build your pipeline of potential sellers
  • The latest QR technology and how it works in Jigglar
  • Aaron will show exactly how to use the Jigglar QR code generator (it’s so easy!)
  • We’ll be showcasing the best templates to include QR codes
  • We’ll cover the 4 different Calls-To-Action you can use with QR codes that motivate your potential selling clients to take immediate action and connect with you.

Whether you’re just starting in the industry or are a seasoned agent, everyone will benefit from this training session.

QR codes are HERE NOW and consumers LOVE them! If you’re looking to win more listings, improve your marketing and achieve your commission goals for the year head, then register here

The webinar kicks off at 11am (NSW time), Wednesday the 1st of September.

Secure your spot here and I’ll see you next Wednesday.

List, Sell, Repeat.

Aaron Shiner
Real Estate Coach, Trainer and Speaker
Co-founder at


Jigglar is now used by agents in over 130 countries. The webinar system we’re using is called Zoom Webinar, and there’s a 500-person limit. Seats are limited to 500 and places will fill quickly… so register now.

I’ll will be hanging around to chat and answering questions at the end.

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