Printer PDF Guide – What You Need To Know About Printer/Commercial PDFs

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Printer PDF Guide – What You Need To Know About Printer/Commercial PDFs

Welcome to the Printer PDF Guide, in this guide we are going to discuss the ins and outs of Printer/Commercial PDFs and how they compare to Standard/Office PDFs including some special points to check prior to sending your artwork to print.

The Differences Between The PDF Download Options

Jigglar supports two different kinds of PDF download options and the output of these vary greatly.

  1. Standard/Office PDFs
  2. Printer/Commercial PDFs

The Standard/Office PDF is intended for printing on your in-office LaserJet or InkJet printer. These are great for short runs, for example, printing off copies for open house attendees or doing a letterbox drop to a few streets.

The Printer/Commercial PDF is for larger print runs and is set up to be printed by a professional commercial printer. This is what you should choose if you are doing a large letterbox drop or flyer run.

These Printer/Commercial PDFs look quite different because they are in CMYK colour mode (instead of RGB like the Standard/Office PDF) and feature trim marks and bleed, all essential elements for doing printing at a commercial level.

List Of Things To Check Before Printing Your Printer/Commercial PDFs

Some special points need to be made about Printer/Commercial PDFs in particular.

Before sending your Jigglar generated artwork off to print, please check the following:

  1. All Spelling and Phone Numbers are correct
  2. All Grammar is correct
  3. Image quality is satisfactory – Use large sized images at 300dpi, not images formatted for the web. Images should be at least 300dpi at 100% Print Size for commercial printing.

These simple checks will make a huge difference if anything should be amiss.

Colour Differences

Jigglar is an online tool which relies on an RGB colour space to render your artwork.

To prepare your file for Commercial Printing, Jigglar converts the RGB colour model to a CMYK colour model – which is used by your commercial printer.

During this conversion, colours may slightly alter due to the smaller gamut of colour in the CMYK colour model compared to RGB.

This may affect your corporate colour profile. If concerned, please check with your printer prior to printing to colour proof your artwork.

Your Responsibilities

Whilst Jigglar is a professional design tool and provides all care when preparing your Print Ready files, we take no responsibility for the final PDF file generated by our system and the result of printing from this file.

All care and responsibility fall on you, the user and author of the artwork to ensure its accuracy prior to printing.