How to Create Compelling Property Listings (3 Tips)

You can get the most amazing listing in the market, but without the right marketing, it can sit waiting for a buyer. How you market your listings can be just as important as the properties themselves. The proper marketing can help you drum up interest for normal properties and cause bidding wars for fantastic ones.

Creating a compelling property listing is easier than you might think, at least if you have access to the proper marketing tools. With Jigglar, you get access to a collection of gorgeous listing templates (among other materials) you can use to promote new properties.

In this article, we’ll show you some of our favorite listing templates and talk about why their design works and how you can leverage them. Let’s get to it!

1. Lead With a Stunning Photograph

With most types of real estate marketing, you only get a few seconds to catch people’s attention. If you don’t open with your best shot, you miss the opportunity to get a lot of people interested.

That applies to listing marketing materials, whether they’re real estate flyers, social media posts, or email campaigns. When a potential customer sees your listing materials, they’ll often decide if they’re interested or not without a quick glance.

That’s why almost all of our listing marketing templates emphasize a standout photograph of the property:

A listing template that emphasizes photography

That photograph is your hook. You use it to show potential buyers what the property looks like and what makes it special, such as an amazing view (as in the template you can see above).

A proper listing will include plenty of other important information. However, that main photograph is what does the heavy lifting:

A listing template showing multiple pictures of a property

If you don’t have any photos for that new listing that jump out, maybe it’s time to take some new ones. A little extra time taking pictures can make a huge difference in how easy it is to market a new listing.

2. Emphasize the Property’s Main Selling Points

One of the biggest mistakes most realtors make is they try to pack too much information into their marketing materials. When you’re looking for a new home, you’ll probably see hundreds of listings, so you start skipping the long descriptions and start paying more attention to standout features.

That means how many bedrooms does the house have and how many bathrooms. Does it have a pool or a terrace or multiple parking spaces? Those are all key selling points and they should appear upfront so potential buyers don’t miss them:

A listing post showing the propertie's standout features

Plenty of buyers will see a listing and decide to call you based on property pictures and key details alone. If they like what they see and it has the features they’re looking for, they’ll be interested.

If you hide all that information in the middle of multiple paragraphs, you’ll lose a lot of buyers. When you’re working with brochures, you can include all that information on the inside for the people who decide they want to know more about a property.

3. Be Upfront With the Listing Price

One of the worst parts of perusing listings as a potential buyer is that a lot of them don’t include pricing information. The listings simply tell you to contact the realtor as they think this will help them get more leads.

A listing showing the property price

In practice, not including pricing information will outright lose you a lot of potential buyers. Unless the listing is for their dream home, they can always turn to other properties with prices they can see without having to reach out to someone else.

That applies to relatively cheap properties and expensive ones alike. Including all the important information upfront makes it much more likely that you’ll get qualified leads. If you hide information, you’ll end up wasting time filtering a lot of contacts instead of dealing with real potential buyers.


You don’t have to be a designer to create amazing property listings. All you need is access to the right templates and a little time. With Jigglar, you get to play with dozens of templates for new listings, including multiple types of designs.

Every template is fully customizable using the Jigglar editor. You can change any element you want and replace images with your own pictures. With a little time, you can create marketing materials that can rival anything other realtors are using.

If you’re ready to get to work on your next listing template, sign up and try Jigglar for free. You’ll get access to hundreds of real estate marketing templates you can use for everything from showing off new listings to advertising open houses!

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