5 Social Media Real Estate Templates to Help You Collect Leads in 2022

Social media is perhaps the most powerful way to collect real estate leads in 2022. Flyers and brochures can help you target specific neighborhoods, but with social media, you can reach thousands of users if you have a strong presence. Using social media real estate templates will enable you to create posts and stories that you can use to engage with your followers across multiple platforms.

If you’re a Jigglar user, you have access to dozens of social media real estate templates that work for almost every existing platform. There are templates for Facebook posts, Instagram stories, Pinterest publications, and much more. All you have to do is choose a template, customize it, and publish it.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to five social media real estate templates from the Jigglar archives and show you how you can use each of them. Let’s get to it!

1. Suburb Real Estate Prices

Real estate pricess across a suburb

When you have a hot real estate market (as we do in 2022), you can have a much easier time convincing homeowners to list their properties. This real estate template was designed for Instagram publications. You can use it to show prices across a specific neighborhood or suburb so that your followers know how much homes are going for in their area.

In today’s market, the listing prices that you show are bound to be high. You can use Google Maps to get a snapshot of the neighborhood that you want to showcase and use Jigglar to add blurbs displaying prices. That way, owners will get a quick overview of real estate prices in their area.

2. Just-Listed Instagram Stories

An Instagram story for a recently-listed property

Instagram stories offer an amazing way to show off new properties in your roster and to link users to posts that include additional details. This Instagram story template showcases a single photograph from a property and you can include its address as well.

When you upload this story, make sure that it links to a full post that includes additional details such as price, amenities, and even more pictures of the property. If you browse the Jigglar archives, you’ll find even more templates that you can use for Instagram stories:

Instagram story for a just-listed property

If you have a property that you want to show off, we recommend that you showcase it using stories across multiple days. Use different templates each day so the stories don’t look repetitive and try showing different pictures to see which one gets you more engagement.

3. Open Home Facebook Post

An open-home post in Facebook

Facebook is an amazing platform to show off new properties and to advertise upcoming open houses. If you have a Facebook business page, you can publish a new post for each open house that you’re planning. This template enables you to include multiple photographs, information about the event, and even a headshot so followers know who they’re dealing with.

If you use this template, make sure to accompany it with a post description that talks more about the event and the property. That way, you’ll boost engagement in the comments and you’re bound to get more attention.

4. Facebook QR Post

A lot of users might not want to ask for information on a property in the Facebook comments sections or to reach out to you via a DM. For those users, it makes sense to share your phone number so they can reach you via SMS, WhatssApp, or whichever other app you use.

This Facebook post template enables you to include a QR code that users can scan and it’ll automatically direct them to send you an SMS. It’s much easier than to share your phone number in full since it can be a chore to enter that number manually into a phone (who does that in 2022?).

5. For Sale Facebook Post

Facebook posts are an amazing way to share details about properties that you’re selling. This template enables you to include multiple photographs of a property, its address, and to mention what offers the owners will entertain.

The template also includes a placeholder for a picture of yourself. We recommend that you upload one using Jigglar as it can help put a name to the property and make users feel more comfortable contacting you to discuss the property.


Social media can be your best ally when it comes to promoting new properties and drawing attention to upcoming open houses. However, your social media efforts will only be as good as the materials that you use. With Jigglar, you get access to a massive library of social media real estate templates that you can customize in any way that you want.

Although most of the templates in our library were designed for Facebook and Instagram, they’ll also work on other social media platforms. Moreover, you have so many options to choose from that you’ll never run out of social media posts to keep your followers engaged.

Are you ready to design a social media post that will help you get leads for your real estate business? Try out Jigglar for free and use any of the templates that you see in this article!

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