4 Real Estate Post Ideas for Social Media

As a real estate agent, not having a robust digital presence can shut out many potential clients. 46% of real estate agents report generating quality leads through their use of social media. This makes it the most effective technology for generating new business, ahead of Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

With that in mind, at Jigglar we offer a wide range of templates that make it easy for you to design engaging and shareable content for your local community across all major social media networks. From Instagram stories to Twitter posts, you can leverage our templates and easy-to-use editor to enhance your digital messaging.

In this article, we’ll introduce some real estate post ideas that can drive traffic and conversions through your social media profiles. Let’s get started!

Why It’s Vital to Use Social Media to Market Your Services

Alongside your website, your social media profiles are at the core of your digital presence. They’re one of the primary ways you can attract and engage potential clients.

97% of homebuyers now use the internet for their home searches. Having an attractive, well-laid-out feed of social media content can attract additional leads, grow your agency’s presence, and make your name top-of-mind for sellers looking to list in your area.

4 Real Estate Post Ideas for Social Media

If you’ve never marketed via social media before, it can seem intimidating. Fortunately, you don’t have to start from scratch. Let’s look at four ways you can use templates designed specifically for social media to create attractive, effective posts quickly. You can access all of these templates and more by signing up for a free trial today.

1. Share Infographics to Educate Potential Clients

Infographics break down hard-to-understand topics into an easily-digestible format. This is an effective way to educate and engage first-time clients, who may not have a clear understanding of the real estate market and the buying and selling process.

Using infographics to outline specific topics, such as “how to list your home” or “what to check during a walk-through”, can help you cultivate an image as an accessible, helpful, and friendly agency that’s willing to go the extra mile. It also encourages potential clients to reach out with follow-up questions.

For an example, check out our Final Walk-Through Checklist Infographic template:

Jigglar's Final Walk-Through Checklist Infographic template.

The best part is that these types of posts are “evergreen”. This means they are always valuable to your audience, because there’s always someone buying or selling their home for the first time. You can periodically reshare these graphics to engage new clients with the same content.

2. Spotlight Current Listings to Generate Interest

Next on our list of real estate post ideas, spotlighting current listings is an effective way to generate interest, driving traffic towards your highest-priority properties. Listing spotlights are also a public and easily-accessible way for potential sellers to see how you promote your listings, as well as the types of properties you have experience selling.

This can boost your name recognition, so you’re one of the first agencies they think of when it’s time to sell their home. Putting this content together is simple with our Feature Plus Listing Post template:

Jigglar's Feature Plus Listing Post template.

There are many ways to incorporate this social media marketing technique into your business strategy. For example, you can post shots of the interior of a property ahead of an open house, provide an overview of “Just Listed” properties as they hit the market, or highlight the selling points of a home that hasn’t moved despite being on the market for a while.

3. Create Agent Profiles to Build Trust and Name Recognition

Posting agent profiles is an easy way to add personal flair to your social media feed. By highlighting the individuals who work directly with your clients, you can strengthen your position in potential clients’ minds as an accessible member of the community. Plus, this injects fun and personality into your brand image.

Agent profiles can also highlight each person’s specific skill sets or awards. For example, if someone was your top-selling agent in a specific suburb last year, you may want to feature that using our Agent Profile Benchmark Service template:

Jigglar's Agent Profile Benchmark Service template.

Including a fun fact, quote, or other bit of personal trivia is a helpful way to inject a bit of fun and personality into your social media feed and brand image. Including your name or the name of your agents on social media can build name recognition, and ensure that you are the first person or agency clients think of when they start their home buying or selling process.

4. Use Seasonal Ads To Keep Things Fresh Year-Round

Last but not least, posting seasonal ads can be an effective way to bolster your social media strategy for two reasons. They are simple to create, and they can be scheduled in advance.

You can pick the periods or holidays you want to recognize throughout the year early, and create posts using our templates so you have them ready to go. For instance, check out our fun and simple Thanksgiving Turkey template:

Jigglar's Thanksgiving Turkey template.

Seasonal ads help you fill up your content schedule, and engage with your audience more regularly. Plus, they offer you the chance to connect directly with specific demographics in your area, such as wishing the local Jewish community a happy Passover.

This is also an effective way to keep content fresh and varied year-round, as you don’t have to stick to just the major holidays. Wishing your followers a happy Siblings Day on April 10th each year can be just as attention-grabbing as wishing them a Happy Easter the week before.


Building your real estate brand on social media can sound like a challenging project. However, it’s actually very simple to get up and running. You can use our templates to create a wide variety of posts quickly, then monitor the results to see what’s most effective for your particular business.

Let’s recap our top four real estate post ideas:

  1. Infographics that share important information to educate and attract new clients.
  2. Spotlights on current listings to drive interest in specific properties.
  3. Agent profiles to build trust and name recognition among potential clients.
  4. Seasonal ads to fill out your content schedule and engage with specific demographics year-round.

What social media post ideas are you planning to use to promote your agency? Let us know in the comments section below!

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