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5 New Real Estate Flyer Ideas (2021 Updated)

Real estate flyers are a killer way to advertise your services, let potential buyers know about open houses, new listings, and more. With the right real estate flyer ideas, you should be able to increase your business at very little cost (just printing!).

In this article, we’re going to show you five real estate flyer ideas from the Jigglar library that you can copy or improve on. Let’s get to it!

1. The Selling Season Flyer

A lot of people know there are good and bad seasons for real estate sales. If you time the sale of a home just right, you’ll be able to get your customers a lot more money for their trouble.

For that to happen, though, customers need to be willing to sell. With this flyer, you can let them know the selling season is here:

That flyer looks great, but it’s lacking an explanation for owners that might not know what the “selling season” is. To fix that, you can print a double-sided real estate flyer including that explanation:

Real estate flyer ideas

All that real estate flyer is missing is a good headshot, your contact information, and business logo. Once those are in, you can send the flyer to the printers.

2. Realtor Track Record Flyer

For homeowners, deciding which real estate agent to trust can be a big decision. That person is going to handle the sale of what may be their most valuable asset, so it has to be someone they trust.

A big part of earning customer’s trust is letting them know that you’re good at your job. For a realtor, that means you can sell properties at above-asking prices and relatively quickly.

A realtor track record flyer

With this flyer, you can show off some of the biggest sales in your career including addresses. That way, potential customers can research the properties and see that you’re telling the truth.

The more successful sales that you can show off, the more likely it is that owners will want to get in touch with you to handle their listing.

3. Growing Family Flyer

One of the most common reasons why families sell their houses is that they’ve outgrown them. At some point, two or three bedrooms just aren’t enough and you need to start looking for bigger and better homes.

To navigate that process, customers will need the help of a successful real estate agent to handle their current home’s listing and to help them find a new property. That could be you.

A real estate flyer for growing families

This simple real estate flyer is all about planting the idea of finding a new, better home for customer’s families. For this flyer to work, we recommend that you distribute it around family-oriented neighborhoods.

4. “Find Your Match” Flyer

Dating apps are incredibly popular, which means a lot of young people looking for their first home might recognize the user interface in this real estate flyer:

A real estate flyer for helping clients find their perfect home

This real estate flyer idea will help you catch a lot of attention and it’s perfect if you specialize in starter properties. Helping customers find their perfect match in a home is a full-time business and you’re the agent they should be calling.

5. VIP Open Home Invitation Flyer

Open homes aren’t only a great way to find the right buyer for a listing, but they’re also fantastic networking opportunities. With an open-home flyer, you can attract a lot of residents in a neighborhood, some of who might need a realtor soon enough:

An open home invitation flyer

Not all the people who attend an open home will be interested parties. Sometimes, neighbors will just want to check out what other properties in the area look like and spend a good time.

By promising a VIP event, you increase interest even more. The more people that attend the event, the more incentivized that buyers might be to make a quick offer.


Coming up with real estate flyer ideas can be challenging. There are a hundred ways to advertise properties or your own services, which is why using Jigglar can save you so much time.

With Jigglar, you get access to a library of stylish real estate templates, including flyers. Every template is easy to modify and customize, so you can truly make it your own. In a few minutes, you can have a real estate flyer that’s ready to print.

Are you ready to try out Jigglar? Check out the service for free and see more of our real estate flyer ideas!

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