How to Customize Your Real Estate Agency Brand Colors (3 Ways)

You might think that something as trivial as the colors you choose for your real estate brand won’t make a difference in your marketing efforts. However, research shows that the colors you use in your advertising materials can evoke certain emotions in your customers. If you’re using the wrong palette, you might be unintentionally chasing away potential clients. 

The good news is that you can attract more homebuyers by customizing your real estate agency colors. Creating materials such as social media templates and agent profiles with your brand’s colors can help provoke certain emotions in potential clients. In turn, this can help you build your business and brand. 

In this post, we’ll explain the benefits of customizing your real estate agency brand colors. Then, we’ll provide you with tips on how to do so using Jigglar’s templates. Let’s get to work!

Why Your Real Estate Agency’s Brand Colors Are Important

The colors used in your real estate agency’s website, logo, and materials represent your brand and image. Additionally, colors are linked to different emotions and can evoke various feelings in consumers.

For example, red increases heart rates and can influence impulse purchases. Blue, on the other hand, represents calmness, dependability, and strength. You can choose colors for your branding and marketing materials based on what you want to relay to potential clients:

The ReMax homepage.

When creating your real estate brand materials, choosing a suitable palette is essential. The right colors for your agency will depend on what you want to relay to your audience.

For example, blue, gray, silver, gold, or black will help your business look more professional and make your brand appear more authoritative.

You can even combine more than one color in your branding. Jigglar has many customizable templates that you can use to create materials that include all of your brand colors!

How to Customize Your Real Estate Agency Brand Colors (3 Ways)

Now that you know how important your real estate agency’s brand colors are, it’s time to customize them in your marketing materials. Let’s dive right in!

1. Create an Agent Profile

An agent profile tells your home buyers more about your company. It can help clients understand and trust you better, increasing the chances they will choose you over the competition.

Jigglar has a variety of agent profile templates that you can choose from. You can then customize the colors based on the quality you’d like to demonstrate. For example, green can communicate intelligence and success.

Start by choosing an agent profile template. Using our editing tool, you can then modify the color easily. Clicking on Shape Color will reveal a dropdown menu of various shades to choose from:

An agent profile template with the color modified.

Then edit other template details by clicking on the item you want to customize:

Selecting a block on an agent template.

Choose whichever color suits your agency in the Shape Color box. Consider using a shade of gold, which represents abundance:

Selecting a detail color on an agent profile template.

To replicate the color you want to use, simply copy and paste the code found in the field just below the editing palette:

The color field highlighted under the color palate editing box.

That way, you can seamlessly use the same color for each item. Make sure to hit Select to save your changes.

You can also edit font colors. Do so by clicking on the text you want to modify:

Editing the text color.

Again, you can edit this to your liking. As a final touch, be sure to add your logo:

A completed agent profile.

Once you’re done, you’re ready to attract new clients with your customized agent profile!

2. Generate Social Media Content

Social media marketing is key to your real estate agency’s success. Posting advertising materials regularly on your Instagram and Facebook accounts can help you gain new clients. Furthermore, you can maximize your promotional strategy by leveraging the right colors in your content.

For example, research shows that the best colors for Instagram are shades of blue, pink, and yellow. Using bright hues can help catch your audience’s attention.

You’re able to easily change the background color of our Instagram post template:

Editing an Instagram post template.

You can also change the text using the same method demonstrated above. Consider modifying the colors according to your branding, which will maintain consistency and help you further attract new clients.

3. Use Infographics 

An infographic helps relay real estate data in a digestible way for buyers. It can also promote a new listing or share important neighborhood data with potential clients.

To evoke luxury in your infographic, consider using purple or black. These colors can help sway your audience’s perception of the area you’re promoting.

To do so, select an infographic from our template library and start editing by clicking on the background:

Editing a real estate infographic.

You can modify the color to your liking. To edit the copy, click on and highlight the text you want to customize:

Editing the text of the infographic.

After you finish, you can use your new infographic for marketing important information about your target neighborhood.


The colors you choose for your real estate agency’s branding are important since they can attract new clients to your company. Fortunately, Jigglar helps you create customized materials to increase audience engagement and build your business. 

To recap, here are three ways to customize your real estate agency brand colors:

  1. Create an agent profile and use a color such as green to demonstrate success.
  2. Use colors such as yellow, pink, and blue for customized social media materials.
  3. Make an infographic and leverage a purple hue to portray luxury to your audience.

Are you ready to customize your real estate agency’s brand colors? Try out Jigglar for free to access our extensive library of customizable templates and promote your business!

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