How to Choose the Right Real Estate Marketing Template (4 Scenarios)

Real estate can be a rewarding but difficult industry. By selling property, you aren’t only trying to persuade a customer to part with their money; you also want them to make a life-changing decision. To do that, you might need a real estate marketing template to supercharge and streamline your advertising.

With Jigglar, you can access over 1,200 real estate marketing templates to impress your clients and speed up your design process. These professionally-designed layouts can solve many of your marketing problems by creating a consistent strategy and presentation. 

In this article, we’ll explain how to choose the right real estate marketing template for different types of scenarios. We’ll also recommend a few of our own templates to get you started. Let’s get to it!

1. Creating Your Agent Profile

Building trust is key to any business. The higher the sales value, the more trust you need to build. An agent profile can tell buyers who you are and why they should trust you. It can come in many forms, including flyers, advertisements, or pages in a brochure.

As you can see from our 10 Reasons People Choose Me template, talking about what makes you unique is critical:

Jigglar10 Reasons people Choose Me real estate marketing template.

While the previous template focuses on your information, it only features a small image. You may wish to display your professional photo more prominently, to put a face to your name:

Jigglar Agent Profile Window Card

Your profile can include your elevator pitch: a short description of who you are, what you do, and how you differ from other agents. However, your potential customers don’t need a life story or essay. Instead, you can keep things concise and just include essential information:

Our Agent Profile Icons template Can be useful to your real estate marketing

You might also consider adding icons, your business logo, and contact information when creating a short real estate bio. Then you’ll just need a real estate marketing template designed for all these components.

2. Producing Your Listing Flyers

Listing flyers are some of the most crucial marketing materials you’ll use as a realtor. Multiple local agencies will use the same strategy, so yours must stand out from the crowd. A good flyer has four key characteristics: it’s targeted, eye-catching, informative, and convincing.

It’s wise to use white space, like in our For Sale template. Letting your design breathe and reducing clutter is vital to good design. This extra space makes your message stand out and offers a minimalist aesthetic:

Jigglar For Sale real estate marketing template

Images can also catch a potential client’s eye, and displaying high-quality photographs can make your flyers shine. For an example, here is our Property Card template:

Jigglar's Property Card template shows why photography is essential to real estate marketing

While including multiple images might be wise, we recommend the opposite approach for text. Here, keeping information to a minimum is the best practice. Remember the rule that it’s better to show than tell:

Jigglar Just Listed Modern template

Finally, remember to include easy-to-understand icons. It’s also essential that your typography is stylish, matches your branding, and is easy to understand.

3. Marketing on Social Media

Research from the National Association of Realtors has found that social media marketing is one of the best lead-generation tools for realtors. 74% of buyers use the internet to search for a home, with 92% of those people under the age of 37. Furthermore, 77% of realtors actively use social media for real estate advertising.

So it’s worth using Facebook and Instagram templates to reach potential customers on social media platforms. To do that, you can use a template such as our Meet The Team Instagram story:

Meet the Team real estate marketing template from Jigglar.

Social media marketing templates can also be ideal for promoting your next open house. This could be a Facebook post or a visually stunning Instagram story. Just make sure you can fit the address, date, and time in the template:

Jigglar Open House Instagram story template

You’ll also want to ensure that the house or commercial property is visible in the social media template. This photo can attract new buyers and convince them to attend your event.

4. Creating a Newsletter or Brochure

Newsletters and brochures can effectively showcase and centralize information about your business and listings. These materials are, in many ways, the complete sales pitch. 

An effective newsletter or brochure shows your sales record and authority in the industry. Additionally, it can cover various topics such as a biography, infographics, listings, recently sold properties, and industry news. Plus, you can put together a brochure relatively quickly using templates.

Our Selling Suburbs Newsletter template is a two-page layout that’s suitable for brief updates, such as showing the weekly listings or news:

Jigglar Selling Suburbs Newsletter real estate marketing template.

You can add and expand upon the template, and a four-page variation is also available:

There’s also a four page version of the Selling Suburbs Newsletter

When choosing a brochure template, you’ll want to make sure it has sections for all the information you wish to include. It’s also worth selecting a layout with a mix of text and photos.

Furthermore, a sales brochure can help your buyers stay fully informed. A template should ideally show off the best parts of the property to spark the client’s imagination:

Jigglar Property Listing template

If two or four pages isn’t enough, you can combine templates to make one extensive brochure. Jigglar templates come in uniform A4 and US letter sizes, so you can mix and match them as needed.


Marketing is essential to your success as a real estate agent. With the right tools, you can quickly and easily create professional-looking content that provides potential clients with convincing information.

In this post, we looked at four areas where real estate marketing templates can help you make more sales:

  1. Creating your agent profile
  2. Producing your listing flyers
  3. Marketing on social media
  4. Creating a newsletter or brochure

Are you ready to get started with real estate content marketing? Sign up for a free Jigglar account today to access our extensive library of templates!

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