Real Estate Quotes for Business Cards

20 Inspiring Real Estate Quotes for Business Cards

Designing a real estate business card takes more than just printing your phone number on a wallet-sized piece of paper. In order to stand out from your competition and pick up new clients, it’s important to inspire trust.

Real estate quotes for business cards can help you make the most of your limited space and catch leads’ eyes. Whether you go with a short client testimonial to instill confidence in your abilities or an amusing saying that shows off your personality, this can be a highly beneficial element to feature.

In this article, we’ll talk about why you might want to include real estate quotes on your business cards and where you can find some naturally occurring ones. Then we’ll share a list of ideas that you can use or personalize. Let’s dive in!

Why You Might Want to Include Real Estate Quotes on Your Business Cards

When trying to find new clients for your real estate business, there are many challenges you have to overcome. For starters, there are over 2 million real estate agents in the U.S. In order to keep your business afloat, you have to stand apart from your competition and reel in new buyers and sellers alike.

Additionally, leads need to feel you’re trustworthy. They’re considering putting one of their most valuable investments in your hands, so they’ll want to know that you can get results and that you have their best interests at heart.

Using quotes on your business cards can help with both of these hurdles. The right saying can shine a light on your personality and also show off your skills as a real estate agent. This can help leads get to know you and provide proof that you’re capable of helping them achieve their goals.

Where to Find Inspiring Real Estate Quotes for Business Cards (4 Top Sources)

Before we dive into some specific examples of real estate quotes for business cards, let’s talk about a few different places where you can find material. These sources can provide highly personalized copy to include in your promotional handouts.

1. Your Tagline or Slogan

Ideally, your real estate business or agency will have a tagline or slogan. This is a short sentence or saying that gives people some insight into what you do. It’s a core branding element alongside your business’ name and logo.

If you’ve crafted an effective, memorable tagline, it can be the perfect quote for your real estate business cards. It’s likely already designed to showcase your brand’s identity, which is key to building trust with leads.

2. Client Testimonials

Reviews and recommendations are excellent for establishing trust with new clients. If you gather testimonials from buyers and sellers you’ve worked with in the past, you may find the perfect quote for your real estate business cards.

This can be as simple as sending out an email to past clients asking for testimonials. You can also look at your feedback from third-party review sources such as Yelp or Google My Business. Just make sure you have permission from the author before you use their words in your branding.

3. Real Estate Statistics

Hard numbers are also useful for establishing your credibility in the real estate industry. As such, you can use some in your branding to help put leads’ minds at ease about your qualifications.

For example, you might include how many homes your agency has sold on your business cards to highlight your successes. Another popular statistic is how long you’ve been operating within a specific area.

4. Witty Real Estate Quotes

Finally, you can always go with a witty or funny saying related to the real estate business. Although this option doesn’t necessarily help build your authority, it can go a long way towards showing off your personality so that leads feel like they know you a little bit.

Just keep in mind that more generic quotes can easily come off as cliche or insincere. It’s important to make an effort to personalize the copy on your promotional materials as much as possible.

20 Inspiring Real Estate Quotes for Business Cards

If you feel like you need some more guidance or examples of quotes that are appropriate for your real estate business cards, here are some to consider:

  1. “Helping families find their dream homes since [year].”
  2. “[Your city’s] real estate experts.”
  3. “Home is where your story begins.”
  4. “We invest in our clients so our clients can invest in their futures.”
  5. “[Agency name]: your home-buying heroes.”
  6. “Don’t wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait.”
  7. “Buy land. They’re not making any more of it.”
  8. “Keep calm and call your realtor.”
  9. “Home is where the heart is.”
  10. “We’ll find the house. You’ll make it a home.”
  11. “You can’t put a price tag on home.”
  12. “Invest in your future – buy with [agency name].”
  13. “Home is calling. It’s time for you to answer.”
  14. “We have the keys to your new home.”
  15. “There’s no place like home.”
  16. “[Agency name]: The agency you can trust to keep it real.”
  17. “Your dream home is out there. We’ll help you find it!”
  18. “This is the sign you’ve been waiting for to buy your dream home.”
  19. “For help with all your real estate woes, call [agency name].”
  20. “Simply real estate.”

Hopefully these samples give you an idea of the many different directions you could take your business card quotes in. As long as you keep in mind the purpose of including this element in your promotional materials, you should be able to craft the perfect line to make sure leads won’t forget your name.


One of the biggest challenges of working in real estate is finding new clients. When you hand a lead your business card, you want to make sure that little piece of paper doesn’t get lost in their wallet or tossed in the trash. Featuring a quote that inspires trust and shows off your personality can help you avoid this.

In addition to providing 20 specific examples, we shared four places you can source real estate quotes for business cards in this post, including:

  1. Your tagline or slogan.
  2. Client testimonials.
  3. Real estate statistics.
  4. Witty real estate quotes.

Need more help designing your real estate business cards? Sign up for a free trial of Jigglar to gain access to templates for all your promotional campaigns!

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