5 Real Estate Instagram Story Ideas for Timely Marketing

Instagram is an amazing platform for real estate marketing. You can use your feed to share news about listings, engage with potential customers, and post real estate stories. These stories can be anything from promotional content for your service to seasonal greetings.

If you’re not sure what kind of content you can post, you’ll benefit from going over some real estate Instagram story ideas with us. Each of these ideas comes from the Jigglar archives, which means you can use them on your posts by signing up.

For each idea, we’ll talk about why it makes sense to post it as a story and what your angle should be. Let’s get right to it!

1. Thinking of selling your home?

Real estate Instagram story ideas

A lot of people spend time mulling over their decision to sell. In a lot of cases, all they need is a little push to take the first step. That push can be as simple as meeting the right realtor for the job.

The goal of this story is to get followers thinking about whether it’s the right moment to sell or not. Contacting you via DM for advice can be tempting since it’s not as official as sending an email or calling for a valuation.

Once you have potential sellers in your inbox, it’s up to you to close the deal. That means providing them with all the information they need to make a smart decision in their current market.

2. Find your property

Find your property real estate template

Instagram stories are a fantastic vehicle for sharing new listings. Each listing you publish should have its own post. After publishing a post, you can share it via stories to ensure that all your followers see it.

One thing that we like to do when we’re uploading listing stories is to preface them with an engaging marketing template. The “Find your property” template is part of the Jigglar archives and you can use it as a lead-in when sharing new listings for the week or the month.

3. How much rent can you get?

Rent consultation real estate marketing template

If you deal with rentals, you can get a lot of valuable leads by helping homeowners figure out how much they can charge. Typically, figuring out rental prices requires a lot of research into the market and the neighborhood where the property is. That means there’s no better person than a realtor to help you navigate how much to charge.

You can use this Instagram story template to help you get leads for rentals that your business can manage. Alternatively, you can use it as a way to tell potential customers if they’re better off selling, which can help get you new listings.

4. Open house notice

Open house Instagram story

The hallmark of a successful open house is how many people show up for it. If you want to get foot traffic, you’ll need to post about the event on as many social media platforms as possible and even crack open your wallet to get a few flyers made and sent around.

As far as we’re concerned, Instagram is the best platform to share open house notices. This real estate template includes all the information people need to find the event and save the date. More importantly, if anyone is interested, they can reach out to you immediately by replying to the story. A quick response will almost always translate to at least one more person swinging by.

5. Celebrate the holidays

Happy Easter Day marketing template

One of the best things about having access to a massive library of real estate marketing templates (like Jigglar) is that you can find options for nearly every holiday under the sun. These kinds of templates are perfect for Instagram stories as you don’t need to edit them too much and they’re a great way to drive engagement with followers.

Whenever you post one of these, expect to get a lot of replies and happy wishes. Star Wars Day, in particular, tends to be a big hit with our crowd:

Star Wars Day real estate template

Although these kinds of stories might not help you collect leads, they’re a great way to build goodwill with your audience. They show that you’re not just spamming them with listings and that there’s a real person behind each story.


Coming up with real estate Instagram story ideas can be a challenge, just as with any other type of content. Having access to a library of real estate marketing templates you can use can make your life a lot easier and that’s where Jigglar comes in.

Jigglar offers a massive library of real estate marketing materials you can use, ranging from flyers to social media templates. You can pick any template you want and customize it in a matter of minutes using the Jigglar editor.

If you’re ready to start working on your next real estate Instagram stories, sign up for a Jigglar account. You can try Jigglar for free and see what the service has to offer!

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