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7 Top Real Estate Descriptive Words To Use In Your Ads

A big part of real estate marketing is all about using the right language. A perfectly-placed adjective can often sway interested parties into contacting you and it may even help you land new listings.

Knowing what real estate descriptive words to use in your ads can help you make them that much more effective. In this article, we’ll explore seven critical terms that you can use in your ads. Let’s get to it!

1. Built-to-Last

One concern that a lot of buyers have is that newers constructions sometimes don’t use the best materials. Although that might not be true in your area, prospective buyers may be wary nonetheless.

If you want to make sure that interested buyers know one of your listings is as robust as a castle (but with better plumbing), work in the words “built-to-last” into its ad.

The term built-to-last tells buyers that even though a property might be old, its bones are solid and they won’t have to sink a lot of money into renovations.

2. Chic

Chic isn’t a term reserved for outfits. When you talk about a chic home, it evokes pictures of modern interior design, colorful decorations, and a house with character.

The term chic can help you attract upscale buyers and parties that want to purchase a home that fits in with their aesthetic. With so many homes looking like they came off a product line, a chic property can command a lot of value in the market.

3. Energy-Efficient

More and more buyers are interested in purchasing energy-efficient homes now than ever before. Energy-efficient homes aren’t just about cutting down on electricity costs, but they also happen to be good for the environment.

By advertising a property as energy-efficient, you can make it a much more attractive option for prospective buyers. We’d go as far as to say it’s a feature that you want to play up as much as possible to increase a home’s value.

4. Get-Away

The words “get-away” invoke the idea of a weekend drive to the countryside. A get-away home is the dream for a lot of families that want to take breaks from the routine of work and school.

Get-away properties are often situated in beautiful locales, away from the bustle of the city. With a single adjective, you can tell buyers that property is a place to relax and it can make their lives all that more fulfilling.

5. Luxurious

Saying a home is luxurious can scare away buyers that are on a strict budget. However, high-end luxurious properties are not about budgets. If you’re on the market for a house that advertises itself as luxurious, you’re looking for the very best.

If you’re going to use this word in your ads, it should be reserved for the very best in properties as far as location, decoration, and amenities go.

6. Peaceful or Private

For many buyers, privacy is the most important concern when buying a home. In many cases, peaceful also doubles as a synonym for private, although you can also use it for remote properties.

There are many hallmarks of a peaceful location, including enough distance between neighboring houses, tall fences, and more. If you have a listing that meets that description, then go ahead and describe it as private or peaceful in your ads.

7. Renovated

Although old-fashioned constructions can have a lot of charm, that appeal often doesn’t translate to their construction, electrical wiring, and even their plumbing. The older the house, the larger the chance that there might be one or two issues that buyers will need to address.

A renovated house, on the other hand, tells interested parties that the property has been revamped from the ground up. Whether it’s a new or an old house, everyone loves the idea of a renovation.

Including the word ‘renovated’ in your ads tells buyers that the property is ready for them to move in and they won’t need to spend money trying to identify and fix annoying problems.


Using the right real estate descriptive words isn’t at all about using terms that only realtors understand. Instead, it’s about finding words that tap into your buyer’s imagination and help them picture themselves living or purchasing that property.

By using the right words in your real estate ads, you’ll be able to say a lot more without writing entire paragraphs. Words such as chic, renovated, and built-to-last tell a story, so be sure to use them.

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