5 Luxury Real Estate Flyer Examples (2022 Updated)

Promoting a high-end property doesn’t work the same as with any regular old house. Luxury modern homes require more elegant marketing materials. Using luxury real estate flyers will enable you to signal to customers that they’re looking at the kind of property that doesn’t come on the market every day.

In this article, we’re going to show you five luxury real estate flyer examples and templates from the Jigglar archives. You can use any of these templates to market high-end properties on your roster and get the attention of buyers who can afford them. Let’s get to it!

1. Just-Listed Instagram Story

Luxury real estate Instagram story template

If you’re going to promote a high-end property on social media, Instagram is the best place to do it. You can showcase a luxury modern property using multiple images, include information about open homes, and answer questions via comments or DMs.

This luxury real estate template enables you to showcase one picture from that luxury property and link viewers to a post with more information. Ideally, you’ll publish this story as soon as the property comes on the market or a few days before an open house.

2. VIP Open Home Invitation

Luxury real estate flyer

Open houses for luxury properties aren’t just any event, they’re VIP occasions and you need to market them accordingly. This luxury real estate flyer lets people know that they’re invited to check out one of the hottest new properties on the market and that everyone else will be there.

VIP open house invitation

For this flyer, you can include one great photograph of the property and the rest of the space is for including information about the open house. That means letting neighbors know when the occasion is, who is invited, and maybe adding some information about your services (and how to contact you!).

3. Luxury Modern Real Estate For Sale

New properties hit the market every day. However, it’s not every day that you get to market a luxury modern real estate listing. These are the kinds of houses that most people dream about their entire lives, which means you need to go the extra mile when it comes to marketing.

This real estate flyer template was designed with luxury properties in mind. It enables you to include up to two pictures of the property, address, and price information, and talk a bit about what makes the house unique.

4. Just-Listed Real Estate Flyer

It’s always a great idea to have real estate marketing templates ready to go. That way, you can promote new properties the second that a seller decides to list them through you. This real estate just-listed flyer template is one of many that you can find in the Jigglar archives.

In this case, the flyer design is minimalistic so people will focus on the photo of the property that you choose to include. The flyer also includes space to highlight some of the property’s main selling points and to include your contact information.

5. Just-Listed Property Breakdown

There are some luxury properties with some many perks and outstanding features that it would be a disservice not to mention those in your marketing. This real-estate just-listed flyer gives you plenty of room to highlight the main selling points for any luxury property.

You get to showcase multiple pictures of the home, including interiors. The design includes separate spaces for each highlighted feature and you can also include a personal headshot and some information about how to contact you.


A lot of realtors think that luxury properties market themselves. That’s true to an extent, but no matter how hot the property, it never hurts your chances to go the extra mile when promoting it. Luxury real estate flyers and templates enable you to market modern properties on social media and in the real world.

You can find every single one of the templates that we showcased if you check the Jigglar archives. Jigglar enables you to take your favorite template and customize it in any way that you see fit. Adding new pictures, text, and contact information should only take you minutes and then you have a new luxury property flyer ready to go.

Are you ready to design your first luxury real estate flyer? Try out Jigglar for free and get to work on a new design today!

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